What does TODAY Mean to YOU? : Unending gratefulness.

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This is an entry for a CCC contest "WHat does TODAY Mean to YOU?' by @freedomshift

Today is the last entry day for me. Not sure if I make it through the time differences.


It is Friday, 02 April 2021 at 10.15 am As I start to write my entry for the contest.


The picture above is a picture of my current home which is taken on the date stated. It was my long-awaited wish to have a home that I can call my own. A home that I will no longer have to argue with anyone on how I want it to look or the way I want to arrange my kitchen. I can move my bed arrangement anytime I want it to.

A place that I call home
A song that I wrote to express my feelings for the day that I moved into this house at the end of September 2020.

It is also my husband wish to have a house that is surrounded by water where he can just sit nearby to spend time fishing and eat freshly caught fish. Our little pond is not that deep yet, it does not have a lot of fish that can be fish yet but it is a good start.

Compare to where I live before, now I have a better internet connection where I can go online whenever I want to. The only problem now will be the payment for the internet package I have and a device to keep it on all day long plus to keep my 3 years old daughter busy while I write. As for now, I can still cope. It has become better each day and I have faith that it will become better in the future.

I have friends that I cannot measure the amount of gratefulness that can describe them. I cannot even explain it in a short story because they are a part of my life, a part of my story. I always have expenses problem but I never did go out of food because of all of them. They are not only those who stay near me. They are also friends that stay in a faraway country, over the seas and places that I never been before.

Today is a Good Friday celebration at our place. It is a memorial day for the Catholic. I did not manage to follow through as the church wanted me to do and fast as it supposed to from the way I am taught. In the eyes of the world, I might not be the real Catholic but I know that I am grateful for all that I have received throughout the year 2020 until today. It has been abundant blessings that I did not expect.

Today, the moment I am writing this the day that I recall all the blessings I got.

I cannot explain how much it means to me but today is the day that I have a joyous feeling in my heart.
Blessings on Good Friday everyone.
Hopefully, you will also have a good day at your hand.

2018-03-02 08.55.28.png

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 10 months ago 

It is really nice to see your new home here. It looks really cozy and I agree that being able to call a place your own home makes a whole lot of difference. You have your space and you can do things the way you want to. It is nice that your husband can work on his garden and to be able to fish. Is there a river nearby that he can fish too?
I have faith that things will get better for you too dear. Always have faith and have hope. Never lose them and remember that we are here whenever you need us. Just give us a holler <3

Hey, long time!

Please join us - the rewards are much much more and going up by the day!

 10 months ago 

Heyyy, yes long long time :)
Yippy! Planning to join yours soon!

I am happy to have all of you as friends. No river nearby that I know. Even if there is, not sure if it is allowed to fish in the river but we got the sea not too far.

It's a memorial Day for all Christians not only the Catholics. Actually I forgot. I went to the centre for some shoppings but everything was closed. Everything except for the bakeries. So bread it is for the next days and tea, water and what is left.
The good thing is I got rid of my garbage.

Happy day to you and your family.
Your photo looks like a painting.

I wish I was surrounded by water again too. So peaceful. ❤️🍀

Happy day to you too.
I am happy to be surrounded by this kind of water too not the previous water which is flood 😅😅

The photo, I edited using Photoshop Express app from Google Play.

 10 months ago 

Great you join this contest. We wish you a great Eastern weekend.
Greetings @team-ccc


I have a good friend that always remind me. I'm bless.
Thank you. A great Easter weekend to you too.

You are in time. The contests starts on Saturdays and this one I expect to run longer till after Eastern.

Thank you. I am starting to enjoy the moment here in steemit again. CCC made me feel home again.

Thank you for submitting this post to:


I have upvoted your submission and this post @100%.

Welcome and thank you!

Thank you for the upvote. I appreciate it. Hope I will be able to make time for the next contest too.

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