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What does today mean to me?

Monday, 12th April 2021.

It is nothing but an ordinary working day. The first day of work for this week. The difference between this Monday and my other Monday before it is today is the last day of a normal day for the Muslim colleagues before they start the first day of fasting tomorrow. There will be no Ramadhan Bazaar this year as the year before because of the Covid-19.

The celebration would not feel like a celebration much since most family members are separated by the district border. Nobody is allowed to cross the border without going through a bunch of procedure to get a letter of permission. Even if they get one, the letter probably stands for just one person. That would not make sense even for a family of three to cross the border.

Not so long ago, missing parents will only take a drive or a flight, but now it becomes one call away. Everything becomes online and you are lucky if your parents know how to use a smartphone or a computer. Those who have extra money for buying internet passes and have a good line connection at their place is lucky too.

Even though a lot has to change, now the new normal has become just normal. Some are able to let go of the past and move on, some still stuck in the past, some live with constant fear and a lot more.

Those who lost their job are now struggling to survive. Banks become a difficult business. Some who are used to the online transaction feel no different but those who have been used to the manual way are struggling to learn. The one thing that stays the same is that we are still looking at the same sky. No matter how it looks now, without the one sky above us, keeping the air for us to breathe, we might have all gone.

All the small matters like washing hand, flushing the toilet, taking bath and many more regarding hygiene are once simple things for some of us. As for now, it has become the priority.
The same goes for our life. Sometimes we did not manage to see all the good things that happen around us when there is so much bad influence around like the current Covid-19. We keep on being stress, scared and some might become ignorant of others necessity.

What does all the mumbling above related to what today meant to me?

Even with the pandemic going on, our Muslim friends have made us a buffet today. We have had a great lunch today by still following the SOP. It is one thing to be grateful for. Today, I have lunch and I also got to bring home quite a lot for my family.

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 9 months ago 

We must always be grateful regardless of the situations that arise. I am glad there is some celebration setting aside all the mess of living at this stage of our lives.

Though being grateful is a must, it is difficult for some people to do so. I'm glad I can still be grateful no matter what the situation I am facing.

 9 months ago 

I agree. Being grateful is a learning process and many find it hard to change. One needs to learn that it is for the greater good everything that has happened and that is when thankfulness comes in. Not everyone knows this because they don't practice it.

I believe they have a reason. It could be that they just do not know how to express.

Free food, someone else cooking for a change is something to be greatful for. With us muslims avoid everyone who isn't muslim. They treat the rest like dirty pigs.

I wonder why there aren't free days off for catholics. Their period of not earing isn't different from the Ramadan.

I miss those days we all lived in peace next or with each other.

There are some Muslims that are open-minded and some strictly follow what they are thoughts. They do not avoid us here and we still able t live peacefully here in my state. I am not very sure about other states in my country.

We have a free day off for good Friday(only in our state) and Christmas here. Don't you have it too?

As I stayed in Africa it didn't mattee. We celebrated together and no one refused to shake hands.
For years I lived with them. They were my friends. Today they treat people like paria and I do not understand why. The life they have with us is 100 times better... the elderly are still like they always been but how come their children and grandchildren spit on everything? Perhaps it is what free money does to people who never had to build something by hard work.
I miss those friends.

Good friends will always be miss. It might be because their teaching or maybe because they never felt the difficulty like their grandparents did.
Some people take advantage of other kindnesses. Like the one you did for me. I must repay you, I cannot take it for free. I will take a long time to repay but I will. That is what I am going to teach my daughter soon. If someone is being kind without ill intentions, the person deserves to be repay back with the kindness they give.

I have been living for 32 years in this world and it is my first time meeting someone like you.

About the hygiene... I cannot say it gives me any stress. I don't behave different from before neither do other people. Those with a lack of hygiene didn't turn into clean people during the last year.

It becomes a big issues in my surroundings. Some did became mire sensitive regarding it.

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