Weekly Report As Steem Representative From 13th- 19th May

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Greetings everyone!

I hope you will be fine. Here's are my activities during this week from 13th - 19th May at this platform Steemit.

  • I'm working with newcomers curation team and i did curation with @sc09 on 14th-18th May. I selected two best pick for curation Report.

My Activities At Steem For Pakistan As Admin

  • I curated daily from official account of Steem For Pakistan @hive-180106.
  • Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 17 is near to end and week#6 has started and we organized contest from community account for week#6
SEC-S17 / W6 🌸 What do you prefer to do in your leisure time?1000023187.jpg
  • Summary of week 5 announced from community account by me ,we got many amazing participations from different countries. Here is the link of contest
[Summary]SEC-S17 / W5- What is your biggest Fantasy1000025761.jpg

  • We applied for Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 18. We hosted Steemit Engagement Challenge season 17 and gained wonderful experience.
Application for Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 181000025760.jpg
  • I organize weekly Contest Best Diary Game Of The Week from community account we are getting new amazing entries from our active users. The result of previous contest has been announced too.

  • Many users contact me at discord from pakistan for guidance and for their problems. I'm guiding some users at what's app group of steem for pakistan.
  • Booming sheet is updated by me and @ aaliarubab daily.
  • New contest 1 Picture 1 Story Week #35 organized at steem for pakistan this week and we are receiving good entries and result of previous contest has been announced.

My Activities At Healthy SteemAs Admin

  • At Healthy Steem, I and @ aaliarubab are admin. Here I organize a contest and do reviewing only once a week.

  • Our team at healthy Steem is very active, dedicated and hard-working. We collectively growing this community.

  • Booming sheet is updated by me and @ aaliarubab daily.
  • This week announced the result of contest "Haircare At Home" we got good entries and Booming vote has been given to winners.
Result Announcement Of Contest Alert ⚠️ Haircare At Home1000025769.jpg

My Account Statics


Screen shot of my account from steemworld.org

  • My reputation is 78.3 my effective Sp is 55k+. I have Delegated 7k sp to other communities. I support many users from my account and my voting CSI is 18.9 , I supported 108 different account and give 140 votes in last Seven days.

This is my steemexclusive work from my account in this week.

X Promotion Report From Steem For Pakistan week #441000025779.jpg
Monthly Statics Of Steem For Pakistan For The Month Of April1000025777.jpg
Diary Game/Weekend Nightstay At Resort1000025778.jpg

This is my weekly activities at steemit. I invite all newcomers and my friends for guidance or assistance if you have any problem you can contact me at discord.

Best regards


Discord idsuboohi#9678
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@suboohi you are doing an excellent job. You are engaged with steemians all the time and provide guidelines when needed. You are doing your work honestly and results are before you . You are growing progress day by day.But i must always keep in mind never compromise on merit because you have the authority to choose people. You should be careful in that . You are responsible and answerable to your lord one day

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