Weekly Report as Steem Representative, 20.09.2023

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Hi friends! Hello Steemit Team!

As this is my first report after being re-chosen as a Representative, first of all I want to thank you for this great honor. For a while my activity on the platform was limited because I was on vacation. Vacation in Ukraine means that I had three times more work than on normal working days 🙂. But now I have entered the normal course of my activity.

For six months, I wrote reports and they turned out to be rather monotonous and uninteresting. For this reason, I wrote them less often - once every two weeks. In the report, I noted how many posts I published on social networks to promote Steem, how many new followers I gained, etc. Now I want to deviate a little from this practice. After all, the activity of each author can be easily analyzed without any report. I will try to make the report more interesting and less full of numbers.

A little about the Ukrainian community

Despite all the calamities that have befallen our country, I am proud that there are people among us who not only do not Power Down, but even invest in STEEM. I would like to take this opportunity to draw the attention of the Steemit team to the author @cranium, who is back active on the platform after a long hiatus. In order to make his vote more important and support other community authors, he made an investment by purchasing 2002 STEEM and doing a Power Up. Please support this initiative of his.

The Ukrainian community is small, but there are several professional writers among the authors, there are moderators who stably hold contests and selflessly donate all their Steem Power to maintain a fairly powerful curation account.

Now about the WOX community

An author who has been active exclusively in HIVE for over two years has recently posted in this community. I mean @jaynie. I immediately noticed that this author can write very well and I would like her to stay with us. If I understand correctly, she returned to Steemit because of the not-so-friendly atmosphere in HIVE. This is not the first such case there, and many Ukrainian authors can confirm this for you. I am convinced that not only economic factors are important for the growth of our platform. By maintaining a normal atmosphere in the whole community, we will be able to attract more good authors.

I also analyzed the accounts of all authors who were active in this community during the first half of September. Most authors do not count on the support of the Steemit team and do not have club status. However, there are 41 authors among them who are hoping for the curators' attention.

My activity

After all, this is a report, and the Steemit team has the right to know what the Representative is doing. So, briefly about my activity.

  • I am a moderator in the WORLD OF XPILAR community. Here I regularly (or not so much) publish the WOX Community Blogosphere Magazine, where I draw attention to the most interesting blog posts in my opinion. Also, every Wednesday I am responsible for booming. And thanks to the administrator @xpilar, I am actively involved in the activities of @wox-helpfund.

  • I continue my Steem promotion activities. I have an X account and an Igstagram account.

  • It was difficult for me to achieve the growth of the Instagram account, because the audience of this social network does not perceive informative content at all. However, I found a way out. I reached out to @petface and @axeman and they kindly granted permission to use their wonderful photos with a link to the posts where they were first published. Such visual content is much better perceived by the Instagram audience. If any of the authors would like to give me the right to publish their photos on Instagram with a link to their posts, please write about it.

  • Also, I have reinstated paid Steem promotion on Instagram. For 4 months, the Instagram administration blocked the possibility of creating paid advertising for my account. I negotiated with them and convinced them to remove the block. I am currently fundraising for a new round. The community is not indifferent to the fate of the platform and actively supports the post. Special thanks to @xpilar who supported this initiative with 100% power of his curation trail.

  • In my work, I try to focus not only on writing posts, but also on direct communication with authors, as much as time allows. I think many people underestimate the possibilities of communication.

  • I do Power Up, honestly 😉. However, I'm only in #club5050.


Looks like that's all I can remember at the moment. Thank you for reading.


Morning @o1eh I compliment you for doing your very best to promote the Steemit platform! I am glad that you approached me, eager to feature my photography on Instagram. It is very good to know that @axeman has also joined the project. I can't agree more that showing what sort of content we've got trending on here is actually the best possible way to attract new users. Plus for all creative individuals this is certainly one more channel promoting their content so it is a win-win situation! I reckon more talented authors will agree to be featured on our Instagram account in the future. Now I better get busy and draft my next post.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your help. Without your content it would be much more difficult for me.

We’re in this together 🤝

 2 months ago 

Dear @o1eh, this is another report that I really enjoy reading. There is really something in it that reflects the confrontation with the Steem and your responsibility. Maybe we'll have a few more that don't just combine pure statistics, which are actually publicly available anyway if people are interested.

What you write is clearly going in the right direction: we have to offer something better than comparable platforms; better interaction with each other, better transparency, better usability.

 2 months ago 

we have to offer something better than comparable platforms; better interaction with each other, better transparency, better usability.

This is exactly what we, simple authors who are not programmers or investors, can offer.


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дякую що згадали!

Радий повернутись в такий, оновлений STEEM

 2 months ago 

На жаль я не часто бачу щоб хтось інвестував у STEEM, тому ваш випадок є трохи особливим. Хоча я впевнений, що зараз саме найбільш вдалий час для інвестицій.

Підкажіть, що за програма на Ваших скріншотах?

 2 months ago 

Ось: https://steemworld.org/@cranium

Це просто незамінний інструмент для Steemit.


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