Weekly Curation Report by Team Burn - Week 1 of The February 2024

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Hi everyone... Today we from the Burn Team submit a report on the activities of the Team Burn in curating content during the Week 1 of February starting from February 01 to 07, 2024.

During week 1 of the February reporting period, Team Burn managed to manage 163 curated posts. The details are 127 authors who contributed by supporting #burnsteem25,then the team also supported 37 positive comments.

For curation guidelines, you can read on Team Burn | Curation Guidelines for February 2024.

Curation Details during week 1


Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 23.47.59.png


The table above shows that we have curated by supporting 14 countries with the highest percentage of support dominated by Venezuela with 48 posts, followed by publications from Indonesia with 36 posts.

The percentage of support is affected by the high number of users who support the burnsteem25 program by setting the 25% payout to @null.


This week we have reached 27 communities, Steem For Bangladesh Community occupies the top support with 28 Posts, then continues in second place with 18 posts on the Steem Indonesia Community.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 00.02.02.png

Overall, it can be seen in the table list regarding the support provided in the tag category, that The Diary Game ranks the highest in support with a curated number of posts of 66 Post.


Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 00.04.46.png

Status Club

When viewed from the status of the club, we report that the percentage of support that has been used on publications belonging to club5050 is 109 Posts, content belonging to club75 is 23 posts and the remaining 31 posts are supported joined in club100.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 00.08.34.png


We have worked optimally to support all publications that meet the requirements by the Guidelines set at the beginning of curation, and during the seven days of curation, we have reached 163 publications, then support for comments totalling 37.

𝙏𝙤𝙥 7 𝙎𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙋𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙊𝙛 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙒𝙚𝙚𝙠

DateFebruary 01, 2024
Author@jufrimj, club100
Post LinkThe Diary Game - Kamis 01 Februari 2024 - Membantu Rekan Kerja Membuat Dokumen Kenaikan Pangkat
Nominated by@irawandedy


The author describes his daily activities in the form of The Diary Game well. He does many good things in his field of work as a routine, such as taking care of the extension of his work permit, helping his co-workers prepare promotion documents and carrying out health checks.

Apart from that, as a sanitarian worker, he also carries out inspections of medical waste in the immunization room where he works and various other activities until the evening.

He did his activities usefully and I nominated him as the Best Post of February 1, 2024. ~ @irawandedy

DateFebruary 02, 2024
Author@abdullahw2, club5050
Post LinkSEC-S15W3: My Favorite Book
Nominated by@msharif


Every person has something he likes and his favorite is Al-Quran. He has written about it very nicely. Besides, he followed every rule very well and answered every question very well. Due to which I have selected this post as the best post. ~ @msharif

DateFebruary 03, 2024
Author@bossj23, club5050
Nominated by@inspiracion

@bossj23 is a young student who through this publication explains his daily struggles and challenges. He has a life as a university student, which he combines with his life as a user on Steemit, he has managed to establish a balance between the two that has allowed him to be successful.

This post is a sample that tells us that when we are motivated and also we are disciplined, we can achieve our goals every day.

He hopes to remain motivated and that his performance continues to be very good. He knows that with the help of his parents and the support of his friends, he can achieve everything he sets his mind to.

It is a publication with a great message.. ~ @inspiracion

DateFebruary 04, 2024
Author@leudi, club5050
Post LinkSEC - S15W3 : La Vida es Pasión ⚽ 💙
Nominated by@kouba01

This post is very touching and shows the courage and determination of young Andres Ricardo in the face of the challenges he faced. The story highlights the importance of family support and faith during difficult times. Additionally, an inspiring message about self-improvement through passion and perseverance is conveyed.

The narration is clear and emotional, allowing readers to connect with Andrés' story. The added footage also complements the story well, visually showing Andres' journey from the operation to his active involvement in football.

Overall, the message is positive, and motivating and conveys an encouraging message about the importance of moving forward despite challenges. It is a good example of how passion and love can be powerful engines to overcome life's obstacles. ~ @kouba01

DateFebruary 05, 2024
Author@oneray, club100
Post LinkThe Diary Game. Domingo, 04/02/24. Un domingo diferente con ella.
Nominated by@irawandedy


I nominated this post with the topic The Diary Game as a Top Post in the curation on February 5, 2024. In his writing the author shares his experiences about daily life in a new city, making it easier to access his work and family. This post is interesting because it provides insight into the author's daily life, travel, eating patterns and personal reflections on that day. ~ @irawandedy

DateFebruary 06, 2024
Author@niluu, club5050
Post LinkColorful painting of fishes swimming in water
Nominated by@msharif

Color painting is very popular with everyone. And he created a wonderful example of color painting through this painting. Where he painted different colors of fishes and shared the steps of each painting wonderfully. All in all this is an excellent post which is why this post has been selected.~ @msharif

DateFebruary 07, 2024
Author@azwar82, club100
Post LinkCharity today, 06 februari 2024: membatu mengantikan pemasangan kateter pada pasien operasi
Nominated by@inspiracion

Through this publication @azwar82 reminds us of the importance of carrying out works of charity, sincerely, expecting nothing in return, but the grace of God in the future.

He tells us in detail the procedure he performed on this elderly person, for whom he replaced a catheter tube that was authorized and required by the doctor.

I hope that @azwar82 maintains the spirit and enthusiasm for these charitable works, and at the same time this publication is an inspiration to others. ~ @inspiracion

Hopefully, by selecting the best posts for Week 1 of February 2024, the authors will continue to be motivated to continue improving the quality of their posts and continue to support Burnsteem as an effort to reduce steem production.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


@inspiracion [Venezuela]
@irawandedy [Indonesia]
@kouba01 [Tunisia]
@msharif [Bangladesh]


I don't really know how to express my feelings now for this nomination. It's not just about the nomination but the message it carries. As a student, I've faced a lot of challenges, trying to achieve good grades in school, training newbies on steemit, moderating, creating Contents, engagements, social life, physical life, spiritual life and other aspects. At some point I nearly gave up all that has to do with steemit but I thought of one thing - what's the use?

I really appreciate this nomination and in appreciation for the work you guys handle in supporting quality posts despite your be busy schedules, I commend you all.

You deserve it, you have always worked with sincerity and showing the best of yourself on this platform, enjoy your nomination because you are deserving of it. A hug! happiness

You too as well

Muy buen reporte.
Felicidades a los elegidos y los invito a que continúe trayendo publicaciones de calidad.
Muchas Bendiciones..🙏🏻

Muchas gracias por esta nominación, que la historia de mi sobrino sea el empuje para los que lo necesitan, la Fe, la pasión y la constancia pueden cambiar nuestras vidas.💛 Los quiero mucho

Indeed that is more than a surprise for me and I'm very happy to see my post there. Thank you so much @msharif Sir for your love and support 💖. Stay blessed 😇

I would like to thank @irawandedy for taking me into account and nominating my publication. I feel honored by this, and at the same time it motivates me to continue creating and sharing quality posts.

Thank you very much for this initiative to the team and may you continue to be blessed

Wow all the top posts are awesome.

Terimakasih banyak @inspiracion atas dukungannya ini sangat berarti bagi saya dikarenakan anda telah menominasikan postingan saya.

Assalamualaikum pak, saya ingin bertanya, postingan saya akhir akhir ini tidak mendapat dukungan dari Steemcurrator mana pun, padahal setiap postingan saya selalu mendukung burnsteem25, saya juga berada pada club100, apakah ada yang salah dengan akun saya, mohon bantuannya pak.

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