Weekly Greeter's Report For February 12th-18th, 2024

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Greetings All, We hope this report finds you well. . .

It's our pleasure to report our activities as Greeters, last week was amazing we tried our best to attend to if not all but most new ones in the community, we offered corrections, and guidance and also verified their posts. I must say we're improving and the community is in good shape now, we are inviting everyone to check out the newbies in our midst and support them in their different ways.

We've reviewed different achievement tasks during the week, given guidance and verified all those who meet all the requirements. We've encountered only 3 abuse, a few plagiarism of which we've warned the offenders and encouraged them to always try to be unique. Their discord group is active, and we've added different language channels to it so that they can communicate in the language of their hearts, the truth is that we're active and ever ready to offer assistance. We hope that these new ones will thrive and become successful!

The spreadsheet allows us to monitor tasks and take up any required follow-up actions on Newbie's achievement tasks. Below is the highlight of our activities:


  • We responded to 74 Newcomers' achievement tasks, we worked daily but more on the 13th, 17th and 18th of February.


  • I must say Steemit is expanding, we received newbies from Angola and Libya, and we hope they will thrive and bring in more Users from these countries. Nigerians took the lead with 19 posts, followed by Venezuelans and Pakistanis with 16 posts each then Bangladeshis with 9 respectively.



  • We've reviewed 44 Achievements tasks 1, tasks #2 14, 8 Achievements Task #3, 6 Achievements Task #4 and only 2 Achievements Task #5.1.

  • Out of all these we've guided 37 and verified 34 while 3 among them were abused, making it 74 in total.


As usual we've highlighted 5 Newcomers who are active, and consistent in different communities, they tried to create good posts and we've visualise them adding value to the platform soon, below are their posts:

Post link and Reason

Achievement 4: @abb-e-hayyat
@abb-e-hayyat has already reached achievement 4 within the newcomer program where she is the author of a post where she not only appropriately uses the codes to personalize her publications but also respects the use of sources and author quotesSelected by @wilmer1988

Achievement 4 by @almacaridad Task: Applying Markdowns"
@almacaridad is a newcomer who came to Steemit in January, invited by @soywilfredg. She has been taking her first steps in elaborating achievements, and in addition to that she has also made an effort to explore various dynamics and communities. She is a good example of what a newcomer can do after arriving on Steemit, making themselves known, creating content and interacting. In this nominated post she has created a publication for achievement 4, with a free theme and has applied different formats.Selected by @inspiracion

Achievement 2: Basic Security On Steem
@blezzy is one of the active newbies in the blog, she's consistent and active in different communities. She can arrange her beautifully and she used to publish a variety of posts and I hope this zeal will remain.Selected by @goodybest

Achieviement1, Introduction Post To Steemit
This user completed his introduction with detailed and accurate information. The changes and requests that the Greeters have asked of him have been seen to be completed and responded to quickly. He has already started an active publication following the community guidelines and is interested in building himself on this platform. Hopefully, he will share his publication in various communities in the coming days..Selected by @ripon0630

Achievement 1: Introduction post To Steemit
This post attracted attention because he re-wrote his introduction. However, after I asked him to continue improving the first introductory post according to Greeter's directions, he immediately completed it. He was also active when contacted by Greeter via social link for verification. Next, he immediately actively wrote according to his passion. Hopefully, in the future, he will continue to be active in writing in various communities. Selected by @radjasalman

This is it for last week, we hope to be more indispensable in the coming weeks, thank you 🙏 and see you all in our next report!

Best regards

Steem Greeter Team
February 19th, 2024


Thank you for giving me such remarks. That's fantastic news! Achieving Level 4 in the newcomer program by effectively using codes for personalization and showing respect for sources and author quotes is a significant accomplishment.

Muchas gracias a la compañera @inspiracion por haber seleccionado mi publicación. La verdad es que estoy muy motivada en este inicio del camino en esta grandiosa plataforma. Espero poder seguir así e ir mejorando cada día. :) Saludos

hello friend this is my achievement 1 link
My First Achievement Introduction at Steemit Platform by @karni786

please verify my achievement 1 so that I can start my work on steemit.

Please @goodybest my achievement 1 hasnot been verified. It's already 5 days now

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