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Welcome businesses and entrepreneurs!

Steem Business Magazine

It is a section in our community to highlight and reward the business activities of the week in a different and professional way.

In each edition the best companies of the week will be shown, focusing on the activities and services they offer. They will also be awarded 2 STEEM each. At the end of each magazine you will get the link to download the PDF file so that you can print it if you wish.


  • 3 editions per month.
  • At the end of each business activity there will be a QR code to quickly enter the business.
  • In each publication of the Edition there will be a link to download the magazine and thus be able to print later or simply save it.

Edition 03 / October 2021.




@shanadesign - Post

@gmaktub - Post

@danielacarvajal - Post



Download (PDF) to print:

Steem Business Magazine - Edition 03 / October2021



Business featured in the magazine will receive 2 STEEM awards for their excellent work.

Steem Business Magazine


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 last year 

Each company is doing well in realizing their dreams. Congratulations on your achievements in this Sunday magazine issue

 last year 

Thank you very much for taking into account the work of Shana Design and all of us who strive to bring better content to the community. Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to all companies are performing a great work within the community.

 last year 

Beautiful edition highlighting the work of companies.

 last year 

felicidades a todas las empresas que fueron mencionadas.

 last year 

More and more investors are surprising with their great potential, the sample in the magazines helps to encourage business interest and in this way more clients detail the great work that each one carries out.

They are all great, they have taken great pains to position themselves, to make themselves known and steemit is part of what they carry out.

 last year 

Knowing new companies through the promotional magazine of the community, is the demonstration that Business Activity has reached where others have not been able to. As an entrepreneur, I am pleased to meet members from different countries.

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

I have included this post in the 16th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | October 30, 2021.

I feel so happy to belong to this edition of the magazine, thanks to all those who make this possible.

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