Jessie'scake] Presentation of my enterprise, for the community of Business Activity - Sweeten your days with the delicious desserts from @Jessiescake.

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A cordial greeting to all the members of this great community dedicated to #steemit businessmen and entrepreneurs.

It is a great pleasure for me to present my business that is named:


Logo of my business.

I am a pastry chef and I am dedicated to the preparation of cakes and sweets for parties.

My venture started last year just after the quarantine due to the covid. I am a pastry apprentice. But I am doing studies and courses to become a professional pastry chef.
I'm from VENEZUELA and my instagram account is @jessie'scake
and #steemit @felyess. I am grateful to the #BusinessActivity community for giving companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow and make our work known, which day we seek to improve to provide the best of ourselves.

Activities that pastry chef can do:

At the moment I work from home, I bake my cakes and sweets from the heat of my home, but little by little I have felt that the orders for my sweets are more and more and therefore soon I will be needing help to prepare the orders.

As a pastry chef you can perform different activities, among them are:

  • Sell ​​and offer pastry products and utensils.

  • Dictate courses and offer workshops for the realization of different desserts.

  • Sell ​​and offer your sweets, for parties and events.

  • Sell ​​your products wholesale to be sold in bakeries, restaurants, etc.

So apart from preparing sweets and desserts to sell, I also take advantage of selling pastry products such as:


And as a strategy to boost the sales of my products and desserts, I have decided to accept STEEM as a form of payment, so in this way I also contribute to the strengthening of this great social network called #STEEMIT.

Official account of my business on social networks: @Jessie'scake, You can also locate me through my facebook account:

Links:facebook account

Desserts and sweets that I offer:

  • Complete cakes and per portion.
  • Gourmet and artistic sighs.
  • Cookies.
  • Quesillo.
  • Cold cakes: Tiramisu, three milks, fruit imperial.
    Among others.

My slogan is the following: SWEETENING YOUR DAYS. My goal is to provide quality products that leave a rewarding experience for the people who consume them.

Complete cakes:

Cakes per serving:

Sweeten your days with these delicious desserts.

Artistic sighs.


These are some of the desserts that are part of my sweet and dessert menu. I hope you really like it and we can grow together.

Business name:Jessie'scake
Owner's name:@felyess
Business address:Nueva Barcelona, Anzoategui, Venezuela.
About us:

Links : Enlace de mi cuenta oficial de instagram


I am very happy to be able to belong to this community, grateful to my friend @gensequini for talking to me and explaining me about this community of entrepreneurs. Thanks to @oscarcc89 and @cindycam for giving us the opportunity to grow professionally within the #steemit platform

I wish you the best of success and many blessings.


Hello @felyess what a pleasure to have you here, I welcome you to this beautiful community where I am sure you will grow a lot and the best we will have valuable content to put it into practice, we want to know much more about your products, so please correct it and leave us the link of your correct Instagram profile to visit you and be able to give you the best support.

¡Your desserts look delicious!

 last year 

Hola @gensequini Hello Thanks for the welcome, I left the link of my official account in the post. Blessings.

 last year 

Welcome to the community ...

A beautiful work of respoteria, details that make us fall in love and of course sweeten; Savor delicious desserts that brighten our days. The added value, with the sale of pastry products. It is a pleasure that you are here with us and that your business is strengthened with steem Blockchain, now accepting payments in steem.

 last year 

hello @cindycam thanks for the welcome.

Welcome to the community. More and more people know about Steem and it is excellent that you have come here to receive your payments in Steem so that you can expand the payment options.

We are happy that you are here and eager to see those delicious desserts.

 last year 

Hola @oscarcc89 Gracias.

 last year 

Welcome to the community, those desserts are very rich and made with a lot of dedication and care

 last year 

@mvchacin hello friend, that's right, they are very rich

Welcome to the community, a pleasure to have you with us. Those cakes look delicious.

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