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Hello dear community,

I have decided that in order to have a better organization of the posts I will choose each day to talk about new topics, so you won't get bored of just reading about my services and I will be able to give you my recommendations as well so you can know more about how the devices, cosmetics and treatments that we use in Meraki Esthetic Spa work.

Days of publicationTopics to treat
MondayAparatology used in the treatments
WednesdayPathologies, Skin Lesions treated at Meraki Esthetic Spa
FridayTreatments we offer at Meraki Esthetic Spa

table of contents to talk about during the week

Now yes, in keeping with the new plan, today we will talk about a device that I am always asked about and curious if it works or not:

The Ultrasound


Ultrasound is a device used in various branches of medicine, from physiology to aesthetic medicine.

It is a series of mechanical waves, generally longitudinal, whose frequency is above the hearing capacity of the human ear.
That is to say, it is a device that generates deep soundless and painless waves, as a patient you will not feel:

❌No sound

The ultrasound used in aesthetic medicine has a wave range of 3Mhz which means that only penetrates up to 4cm reaching the last layer of the skin (the hypodermis) without reaching the muscle, while ultrasound used in physiotherapies have a wave range of 1Mhz covering approximately 12cm of skin reaching the muscle.

A megahertz (Mhz) is a unit of frequency measurement, equivalent to 10⁶ hertz. It is very often used as a unit of measurement of the working frequency of a device of something, or else as a measurement of waves.

IMG_0126 (1).jpg

Drawing of the skin layers and the wave range of these two types of ultrasound

Function of aesthetic ultrasound

At meraki we use ultrasound in our cleanings after the extraction of comedones, in order to stimulate the skin and relieve pain.

After an extraction the skin is inflamed, this device helps us precisely to relieve that inflammation, its waves penetrate deeply stimulating the area.

Ultrasound is also used in post-operative patients after cosmetic surgery to relieve inflammation and hematomas.
When performing a lymphatic drainage ultrasound is our ally, remember that with this massage we want to remove harmful substances from our body that cause inflammation and that is precisely the function of ultrasound, improve areas affected by inflammation.

here is the link if you want to know more about lymphatic drainage: |Business Activity| Puffiness under the eyes? I have the solution. |By MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA

Modalities of ultrasound

According to the problem to be treated, ultrasound can be used in continuous mode or pulsed mode.

Continuous mode: It is used for patients with contractures, falls and bruises without deformities. It is used in therapeutic massages.


Pulsatile Mode: It is used in inflammatory processes, to promote healing and drainage of edema.

An edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body tissues.


Of course, only the specialist will know this, since the patient has no way of knowing what modality the device is in, only until the session is over and they feel improvement.

But if you are curious, ask your specialist to do the water drop test, to know if an ultrasound is working well, place a drop of water on its head, the drop will begin to vibrate according to the mode in which it is, if its movement is constant it is in the continuous mode, if on the contrary the drop vibrates at certain intervals of time it is in the pulsatile mode.

Note: Never let the ultrasound be placed on open wounds.

Also be sure to have a conductive gel applied before applying the ultrasound, as without this the ultrasound does not transmit its waves into the skin.

Sessions and duration

The sessions will depend as any procedure of the patient, how many will need to have improvement and how many will need to maintain that improvement. But the maximum number of sessions in a row that can be performed with an ultrasound is 14 sessions and the minimum is 5 sessions. The time of these can vary from 10 to 40 minutes depending on the area to be treated. In meraki we do not have ultrasound sessions alone, this is always accompanied by other treatments such as:

🍃Deep cleansing
🍃Lymphatic drainage


Ultrasound with chromotherapy

The ultrasound that we use in Meraki has one more function and is that of chromotherapy or LED therapy, this as its name suggests is a treatment in which lights are used to combat various pathologies or skin problems, this treatment is quite extensive and interesting, so I will dedicate a post just to clarify doubts about the operation of chromotherapy.


If you want to get an idea of what it is about, here is a link to a reel created by me talking about the most used colors and their benefits: Terapia Led

Cost and treatment table

Lymphatic drainage+ultrasound therapy (Recommended weekly)$10 SBD 1.42 STEEM 17.34
Mesotherapies + ultrasound$20 SBD 2.84 STEEM 34.67
Facial cleansing$20 SBD 2.84 STEEM 34.67
Back cleaning$25 SBD 3.55 STEEM 43.34
Buttocks cleaning$25 SBD 3.55 STEEM 43.34
Facial Dermapen$35 SBD 4.97 STEEM 60.67
Facial + Chemical peeling$30 SBD 4.26 STEEM 52.01
Facial+Dermaplaning$22 SBD 3.13 STEEM 38.14
Facial cleansing VIP$35 SBD 4.97 STEEM 60.67

According to your needs a new package is made to suit you

I hope all this information has been for your benefit and the next time you go to an aesthetic center you feel more confident about how you will feel and what you can expect from the treatments.



Remember that you can contact me on any of my social networks either to clarify any doubts or to schedule your next appointment:


Business name:Meraki Esthetic Spa
Owner's name:@danielacarvajal
Business addres:Lechería, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

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The receptivity that I have had through this medium has me very excited, thanks to all the guys at @businessactivity who work every day for this community to grow.

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Excellent your plan to present a new topic every day with which to leave us waiting for more.
I thought that ultrasound machines were not used for skin treatments; however every day we learn something new.
Greetings @danielacarvajal, hopefully soon you can receive clients with payments in SBD or STEEM.

when I was told about ultrasound for the first time it also seemed strange to me, that's why I wanted to tell you a little about its use, thank you @maurelvys I also hope to have clients soon from this community.

 last year (edited)

Thank you for sharing your business activities with us, it's nice to see your business running smoothly. Thank you for this very interesting article. All treatments are very much needed, especially this is a beauty thing. We are always waiting for your every commercial.

We would like to invite you to join our weekly power up program

thank @riska-amanda for always being aware of my publications, thank you for the invitation and I'm going to browse them.


Hello @danielacarvajal today you show us an excellent material for anyone who wants to request your services without a doubt that all the treatment we carry out to enhance our skin is necessary.

glad you liked it @gensequini, thank you

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I congratulate you for your excellent work, and for sharing with all of us all that valuable training for our facial care.

it is a pleasure for me to share my knowledge with u, thank @shanadesing

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