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The development of activities of the members is very broad, we want them to feel comfortable and learn through the publications that will be shared how to manage finances, how to invest, save, what is expected of the current financial, technological world, how the economy moves , which brings so many unexpected changes.

Entrepreneur, entrepreneur, promoters, investors from all over steemit join The Business Activities Diary.

What is it about and what are we looking for with this new publication methodology?

They will now have the opportunity to display a new type of post, The Business Activities Diary.

The Business Activities Diary

Daily, regularly or on weekends, everyone at some point visits shops, restaurants, grocery stores, fishmongers, street stalls, fairs in different sectors, among others. We want you to share your opinion or comments about the business.

You can share the following information in your publication:

  • What kind of business is it?
  • Is your location ideal with respect to the type of business?
  • Photos of the business, own authorship.
  • Opinion of the business: how is the service, what is new and interesting, how do they achieve sales and customers according to their impressions on the site, how do you feel as a customer in the business, Would you improve the care or services of the business you visited?
  • Provide service prices in local currency and STEEM.
  • Would you recommend visiting the business? Please provide a rating.
At least in one image you must appear in the business. Proving that you visited the mentioned site. This is very important.


Posting Rules

  • Title: The Business Activities Diary [Current date] - yourtitle
  • Tags: #thebusinessdiary #steemexclusive #fintech #businessactivity
  • Minimum 300 words.

IMPORTANT. In the business community there are two forms of current publications that can be shared, as a business owner and related topics with finance, Cryptos, among others; This new form of acceptable content is incorporated under the community rules.

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 11 months ago 

I find it extremely interesting and different from what we are used to, we will be as qualifiers and at the same time enjoying the activity of the BusinessDiary, the diversity of content is good and always in favor of improvements.

 11 months ago 

Great idea and I'll keep the diary.

 11 months ago 

Great idea, I will surely be part of this

 11 months ago 

hear me ce an initiative. innovative and feesca that will allow users of the community to make more entries, I join!

Hola amigos, me parece excelente idea, ademas es algo diferente en la cual remomendaremos y promocionaremos a diversas lugares.

 11 months ago 

wonderful idea, I am anxious to see the publications of all the entrepreneurs and to know places of interest in their localities

It is an excellent initiative so that we all know about the different types of business and why not, you can also get some ideas for existing investors within the community.

 11 months ago 

Every day we feel more comfortable being in the community, the number of ideas published by the team I think this is a very good idea Insyaallah we will join

 11 months ago 

Me agrada está nueva actividad, ya que siempre uno anda buscando y buscando... Muchas gracias

Great idea, I want to be the part of this

 11 months ago 

Quite an innovative dynamic. Very good so that we entrepreneurs can see in other businesses some strengths or weaknesses that can also help us improve our businesses.

 11 months ago 

This initiative will bring more interesting ideas, can't wait to drop my publication on it.

 11 months ago 

Saludos, excelente iniciativa. Bendiciones.

All of the ideas are definitely great. I, too, have found a way to expand my business and make a positive impact on the global economy, so to speak, through a public procurement online program in India. It's no secret that a lot of government companies now actively cooperate with private entrepreneurs in terms of buying goods. It seemed to me that suits me. There is a simple and clear gem registration system and the list of clients is huge, and the main thing is that it is very convenient to use the platform and in fact you can quickly sell goods

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