Steem Japan: #club5050 Announcement

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Steem Japan supports #club5050 So we powered up our community account!


Please read What is Club5050?

Steem Japan has been focusing on building our community and encouraging our members to power up since the beginning so that we can all grow together and support each other in this community.
Also self-sustainability has been one of our major goals of this community.

In the past, we had multiple power up contests and events and we supported all the powered up members.



Even without those events, our members are powering up on a daily basis and posting their contributions.



As a result, our community account has grown so much almost +400%! Our effective power went from 5,000 SP to over 19,000 SP in 5 months.

Use #club5050 tag

As a community, we want to see all our community members to grow their SP and Steemit team will give you extra vote if you power up!

If you Power Up more than 50% of your rewards (STEEM, SBD) recently, use this tag on your posts so that you will have a chance to get voted by steemcurator01 or 02. (if you transfer rewards or cash out more than 50%, you are not eligible)

All the details and eligibility is here




  • 投稿記事に#club5050タグを使っている。
  • 貰った報酬の50%以上使って、最近パワーアップしている。
  • パワーダウンしていない。
  • ボットを使ってない。
  • いつもにアップボートしている


 3 months ago 

Wow..this is the great information for us to use tag #clube5050 and get extra support from steemcurator01 / 02 . Thank you so much brother @tomoyan for this useful information .🥰🤝👍💯🙏

This is awesome and now this reminds me to do my weekly upvote. And so I will. #club5050

This is a very good thing you do.

very good information, this is one of the good things going fast developing, I really enjoyed reading it, Thank you for the information

 3 months ago 

@japansteemit さん、こんにちは。

パワーアップしてもっとアップボートチャンス #club5050
If you POWER UP recently,
USE #club5050 tag in your posts for EXTRA VOTE from steemcurator01/02.
Club5050 Announcement

10月のお知らせ - October Steemit Team Upvote Support 👇
今月は、Steemitチームからサポートされることになりましたので、 #steemexclusive (Steemit限定記事)のタグを忘れずに!
Post good contents and don't forget to use #steemexclusive tag

💡 Curation Guide 💡

  • Post about Japan (Japanese or English)
  • Set 10~30% reward to japansteemit
  • Follow our Curation Trail HERE
  • Delegate SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP
  • You won't get upvotes if you are Powering Down

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