The worst scenario: I live a lie

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Are there only 5 scenarios if it comes to how to save the planet? If you ask me only one does the trick. It's the same scenario tyrants use, people who only care about power and do everything to achieve their goal.
Frequently I read about how to achieve your goals. For sure you need a certain spirit (read attitude or if you like character) for it and a plan. A plan you stick to and of course patience to grab your chance at the right moment.

  1. Seize the power
    It's clear in life it's all about power.

  2. Crush your rivals.
    Know your enemies and keep them close? No way. Crush, delete, remove, wipe out and kill everyone who is in your way (indeed this isn't about rivals only but family and friends too and even god needs to die).

  3. Reign through terror.
    Fear, spreading fear will help you. Kindness doesn't do the trick. At least not in the long term. People are not grateful to be their worst nightmare and guess what? The nation loves you (at least most of them do) because you are that strong personality they will never be).

  4. Control the truth
    The truth and the whole truth is what you say is the truth and the real truth is fake truth. Scared people believe everything and with scenario #1 you control the media/news and if strategy #3 doesn't work you use method #2.

  5. Create a new society
    I am sure this rings a bell with you. Fake immigrants, pollution, covid-19, fake news are all ways to distract and create a new normal of course with help of the 4 rules mentioned above.

Is there more? Indeed there is if you like because there's no fun in being a narcissist if you can't keep it all. The worst scenario is you lose control lose it all. Not good is if you are the tyrant by name but someone else pulls the strings (with money you can buy everything) and you have no fame, or if everyone turns against you and you are removed from the scene before the nation/entire world recognized you as a god.

If you do something do it good and be sure you rule forever.

The handbook 'How to become a tyrant' can tell you all about it. Watch it and I am sure you will recognize the present situation we live in. At the moment the focus is on step 4 and. See Netflix

Ever asked yourself: What if my life, this world is a big lie? What if I am wrong?


My entry to the daily 5-minute freewrite. The prompt is provided by @mariannewest.

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That's a rather grim look upon life isn't it ? Surely most of us don't really care about power? The ones in power and the ones trying to get into power may have your point as life's goal (including your 5-step plan). But surely most of us "regulars" have better things to do in our lives.

"What if my life, this world is a big lie? What if I am wrong?" Yes I did ask myself (and still do on a regular basis). But I figured: "Life isn't a question, it's whatever you want to make of it".

So it's maybe a lie, but so what ? It seems to be the best we can do so far. And looking back into human history, we really don't seem to be doing that bad.

So come on ! Cheer up! Things can only get better !

It all depends on who you are, where you live if you are free. True most of us do not care about power and that's why only a few reign the world and do not care about millions of dead people.

Everything told, taught at school is a lie and what bothers me most is we all buy it.

Thanks for the comment and cheering up. 🍀💖

So sad and so true...