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If you ask me the kitten we picked up last Friday has some issues. It behaves like a grumpy old lady and I have strong doubts about its age.
Kazimir stays with us for over 5 weeks now. He grew and gained some weight but is still skinny but happy and playful.
The other kitten (still no name) never seems to feel happy. It isn't litter trained and I lock it in several times a day with the hope it will use the litter box. It drinks and eats which is a plus and sleeps a lot. I have a hard time to believe it's 12 weeks old. The lady we've picked it up has more cats (and dogs) and kittens. She said the two of them would get along because they grew up together which is nonsense. Kazimir is with us for over 5 weeks now and if that's the case he shouldn't be much older than this little one. To be honest I am not even sure if this is one of those three kittens she showed me at that time.


Perhaps this little creature is just not used to us yet. Perhaps it isn't social? Perhaps the fleas bother it or earmites or it's in pain? Perhaps it cannot stand Kazimir because he didn't gave it a warm welcome or perhaps it simply doesn't like him? It's hard to tell but it feels to me there is something wrong if I observe it. This tiny cat behaves like an adult cat not a kitten, even an old one. I've had a cat like that before and it didn't live long. In a way this "kitten" feels the same. I can pick it up, wash it, dry it but it doesn't like to sit with you. It goes straight to the basket to sleep or goes out for a drink. Kazimir does everything to invite it to play but it only hisses at him and wags its tail which he sees as an invitation to play with.

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