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When I started college I didn't know many people. Literally all the classmates I saw the first semester I didn't know. Some already knew each other and there was me and about five others that we didn't know anyone. For my part I already knew some things not to do like walking around with the whole group, which was usually a way to spot new entrants, a large group of students who usually go around talking loudly.

Knowing that, in general, I didn't go with the herd, I used to go alone, the group went ahead and I had a distance of about three or four meters. And that's how I got used to it, I was not a slow walker, I usually walked between fast and very fast. Then I had to slow down so as not to overtake them, but when I left I would take my course, we would say goodbye to each other and everyone would go their own way. Some would cross the footbridge and others would go straight ahead to catch the bus that would take them to the eastern part of the city.

Sometimes I used to go straight, but I did not cross, that way I would not go to the west of the city but to the east, it was an alternative way or route if the university bus stop was very full. That especially for rush hour the stop was unbearable, lots of people and the buses usually did not stop, some did, but either far behind the stop or far ahead, with the intention that they would not get on. In those cases many would leave, again to cross the footbridge and get off to catch another bus further down.

Some continued on the same road and crossed down, but it was dangerous because it was a major arterial road and the vehicles were generally going very fast. I remember that several times during the rainy season I had to wait a long time at the bus stop, and I had to cross the footbridge to take the other road and quickly before the rain came, because it thundered about five times and a tremendous downpour fell.

As this is an area of trees on the road it was dangerous because of the lightning, if they were used to protect from the rain, in the section of the university, because then it was a normal sidewalk, with the sun and no trees, if the rain began to fall there, I had two options that almost 90% of the people did, run to the crosswalk and cross the road to take shelter at the stop or if no vehicles were coming, run and cross the avenue before it got soapy and get to the stop faster than the rest. Those who arrived late got wet, because the bus stop was not very big and if there were people, they had to get wet or get on the first bus that passed by.

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