CONTEST: Tell us About a Favorite Freewrite and Win - 6/29/2021

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This contest starts on Tuesdays but we can be a day earlier or late. Our time for online activities every day is limited and at times our internet connection is too. We do what we can...

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Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite Contest

A Favorite Freewrite

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Tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrites of others you have read. Not your own!

The comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit

Tell us what you liked about the freewrite and why.

See the rules below for details.

  • Go to the Daily Prompt post by @mariannewest or the Freewriters Community.
  • Do not pick the first freewrite you see. Read and recommend someone else for a change and.... as many new Freewrites as you can.
  • Tell us about a Freewrite you really liked and why.
  • Your comment must be at least 50 words long telling us about the freewrite.

Choose from the last couple of days if possible so others can go, visit, and, inspired by your description, leave a vote.

We suggest the freewrites using todays (Tuesaday) prompt and later.

Do not recommend a freewrite that can not be upvoted if the announcement is posted!

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The Rules

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Thank you for informing me @wakeupkitty and @freewritrhouse.

Here is the entry.

Not Social is the latest freewrite written by @wakeupkitty based on @mariannewest latest prompt.

Kazimir an older cat has been 5 weeks. He is now getting more active though he is still skinny. A kitten that has not potty trained has not become familiar with the older one. Hopefully, both of them will get along soon. This reminds me of my old cats who never get along until they both start taking care of a younger kitten together.

Thank you for joining our contest. We hope to see you again.

Author: @heartbeat1515
Prompt: Anti social.

I recommend this prompt because it's something I can relate to. Back then in school, you were teased for your inability to consume alcohol. But I never gave in. I refused to do what I didn't like just to please people. And when they finally get drunk, especially my roommates, I was now saddled with the responsibility of cleaning the room they messed up and sometimes even cleaning them up when they throw up.


Thank you for recommenting this freewrite. 👍

Author: @cliffagreen
Prompt: Organised power

This author tried to explain how our distrust for organized power makes execution of their functions difficult but I think this is solely because the organized power has given the people a reason to distrust them. So in order for them to regain that trust, they have to be transparent and accountable to yhw people in all their dealings. Organized power needs the trust of the people so they can function properly.


Thanks for reading and mentioning my freewrite!

To withhold trust and love from the world until certain conditions are met limits the amount of trust and love in the world.

Thank you for your recomendation. ,👍

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