Widow Photography Challenge : Lockdown : India

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The View From My Window Photography Challenge

As you know this photography challenge is started by @steemitblog. I am very excited to take part in this. This is my entry for photography challenge. If you want more information about challenge and enter than click here, and read more.


The lockdown days looks too long as compared to other days. We have many things to do, but we feel we have nothing to do. Because these days are very different from our usual days. How you spend your days? I am spending my day by using internet on crypto and some home works.

In this challenge i posted here a pic, in which you see the road is empty by human travelling but their is a ox walk in duty area in the search of food. Also their are two man standing at one side of road, one is selling vegetable and one is buying. Because some necessary things is not lockdown. They can do their business required necessary for living humans.

If you can't see standing human then see below pic. You will definitely find them.


In normal days, this road is too busy by humans, due to this main road connects may human colonies and traffic is too much. Now, so silent. No Noise Pollution, No Air Pollution, these are two positive things in this lockdown near my home. We can hear birds whispering/chirruping in regular interval. That's awesome.

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We have to maintain the lockdown situation.

Yes, sure.

Thank you for taking part in the View From My Window Photography Challenge.

It is a great post.

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