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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium

Curation Project Anoncement | The Ecosynthesizer


We are more than happy to announce the launch of our new curation project which we hope will play a key role in bringing glory and prosperity to the Steem ecosystem.

The why:

This is a small step towards long-term longevity and sustained growth of the community, which is one of the most important foundations on which we will focus on in our journey to achieve our broader goals. Additionally, such a project will also fuel our efforts to move to other lacking areas that need more attention, because we are well aware that a curation project is alone not enough to solve the problems that the Steem ecosystem is facing right now despite being an undeniable necessity. Forthwith, we are going to continue our focus on the financial and entrepreneurial resources to realize our vision, in addition to learning new competencies and building advanced infrastructures in cooperation with other on-chain actors which will allow a far more localization of businesses that deem the Steem chain as an excellent and rich ecosystem to grow their assets and leverage the community in a truly balanced symbiotic relationship. Thus, really believe that having a thriving community is definitely something we should all be looking for.

There is obviously a void to fill and communities to care for. Especially since many former curation projects have decided to leave Steem and moved most if not all their operational infrastructures to support the Hive Blockchain, or have simply kept a symbolic presence here on Steem for various reasons. Although we find this really unfortunate, we nevertheless see it as an opportunity for improvement and learn from past mistakes, for gaining confidence in any design requires time, dedication, innovation, support, and constant refinement.

The project will not be oriented towards specific topics, we will rather focus on a wider range of content as long as we have enough resources and power to support the operations. As well as not defining any restriction when it comes to languages that will be supported. Communities, of course, are not only formed around languages, this is why we will also support communities that focus on specific topics such as art, sport, gaming, music, and so forth.

Who can join?

We invite anyone who might be interested in being part of the curation team to contact us directly on Discord. To make the job for our curators a lot easier, our lead developer @fancybrothers is constantly working on tweaking and refining the voting bot that our curators will be using, as well as the distribution of rewards to all our delegates.

Approaches and rewards distribution:

  • The first 50% will automatically go to the author, which leaves us with 50% to work with. The delegators will receive ~40% {80%} and the project will keep only ~10% {20%} for maintenance, logistics, and rewarding the curators. The community will, of course, be informed priors to any changes in these values.
  • For users who have a large stack and are looking for an entity that could manage it in their place to serve the Steem ecosystem while receiving rewards for it without having to delegate or manage it on a daily basis. They can reach us on Discord or directly contact [Victor Frankenstein#5175] on Discord.

Subsequently, if you want to delegate and see Steem resonate with life again. Consider sending your delegation to our Ecosynthesizer. If you just want to hang out with other members of the community, you can join our Discord server.


Vote only for witnesses that truly believe in Steem. Vote for Symbiont



Thank you for introducing curation project

Nice one...a good way to start

Great initiative. Will delegate some soon.

Thank you, we really appreciate your support.

Gracias , yo soy bastante nuevo en Steem y encuentro aun muchas dudas para mi ,gracias por apoyarme simbionte

Gracias por el apoyo 🌷

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