Create your top 10 photography albums. [Your album your memories]

If you like photography, you must have a lot of pictures in your gallery. Choose the top 10 photos from all the photos in your gallery and create an informative album. Create a post mentioning the location with a description of each of your photos.

It will remain an album. We are going to see some great photography through this contest. You can share the photo used in a previous post in your new album.

Follow This Rules :

  • Resteem This post (MUST)

  • Post must be done in The Steemit City community.

  • One submission per person.

    Your post link must be posted in the comments here .(MUST)
  • Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

  • Please don't use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days. ( 20 may, 06:00 am -UTC)


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Hola amigos, un gusto saludarlos, aca les dejo mi participación:
Saludos y mucho exito.

great contest........

 last year 

this is very good content ,, God willing, I will follow it, if there is no obstacle ..

Thank you my friend @wo-photography

Me encanta este tipo de concursos porque invitan a rememorar momentos especiales e inolvidables de nuestas vidas. Con mucho entusiamo preparé mi participación.

hi, this is my entry


Dear friend @wo-photography, Due to personal inconveniences I did not arrive at the contest on time, if it is not possible to admit me, at least I have the pleasure of sharing them with you. This is my entry

This is My Entry

Ini foto terbaik saya



Terima kasih

memories are things that are hard to forget but capturing them is also hard

Saludos cordiales @wo-photography. Por aquí dejo mi participación al concurso.


🤗👍me encanta este Concurso

Hello great Steemians.
Here is my entry for the contest.

Thank you at @wo-photography

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