Contest#1 || Morning Time Photography Challenge

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My Dear steemians,**

I invite all photographers to the morning time photography competition.




After waking up in the morning, if we notice it, it is the beautiful environment of the morning. People in different countries enjoy different types of mornings. We often capture the moment on camera in the morning. You can share with us some of the morning photography in this competition.


Some rules for competition

  • You write at least 100 words about the photo.

  • Photos must be your own and copyright free.

  • You must use at least five pictures

  • Of course the post must be done in the WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY community.

  • To participate in the competition. You must resteem this post(It is not mandatory)

  • Don't forget to tag #morningtimephotography-1 #yourcountry (Comment your entry below this post.)

  • The duration of the contest is till 21 April (GTM 11:59)

  • You must follow all the rules of the competition.


  • Some ideas for competition: You can share pictures at any time in the morning. The pictures must be taken by you. Pictures you share in different environments in the morning. Such as pictures of the natural environment in the morning, Pictures of morning clouds, pictures of the sun and pictures of the flower garden in the yard etc.



1st Place5.00 STEEM
2nd Place3.00 STEEM
3rd Place2.50 STEEM
4rth place2.00 STEEM
5th place1.50 STEEM
6th place1.00 STEEM


Cc :



Bueno día, aquí les dejo mi participación nuevamente cumpliendo áhora si con los requisitos, disculpen nuevamente

Hi there,
Below is the link to my entry for the morning time photography contest.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Muy buen concurso=)

i will never win with clouds and rain . but good luck all the lucky ones in sunny countries.

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