Photography Contest :: Food photography || 12 Steem Prize Pool

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"Contest Topic"

Food Photography is a still life photography genre that is used to create interesting still life photographs of food.. You can see the sample of architectural photography here.


  • Photo must be yours. Photos from the internet won't be accepted.
  • You can write descriptions in any language.
  • You can edit photos to make them more attractive if you want.
  • Please mention the device name, the place with your photo in the post.
  • You can add a minimum of 1 photo and a maximum of 3 photos in your post.
  • You need to make your post in The Steemit City community and make sure to leave the link of your entry post in the comment section of this post.
  • Must use the #food-photo , #yourcountry , #steemexclusive in the first 5 tags.
  • You can resteem this post and share your entry on the social media platform. (optional)


You can make your entry till 25th July 11.59 PM UTC. .

"Prize Pool"

1st place3 STEEM
2nd place2.5 STEEM
3rd place2 STEEM
4th place1.5 STEEM
5th place1 STEEM
6th place0.75 STEEM
7th place0.5 STEEM
8th place0.25 STEEM
9th place0.25 STEEM
10th place0.25 STEEM

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I am @boss75

 2 months ago 

this is a great contest i like it

fotografía del arte de alimentos.. Que bueno este concurso que nos trae mi amigo @boss75.!


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Wow this is an awesome contest and am looking forward to participating in it . Am looking forward to sharing my dishes with you here.

Will definitely join in this contest @boss75

Buenas noches acá mi participación 👇🤗

Photography Contest: 15% para wo-photography|| By @elecris


Mi publicación en Twitter 👇


Here's my 1st entry @boss75. Im using redmi note 10 pro while in the living room. Taking some bits. 👍


#food-photo #yourcountry #steemexclusive

Hola @boss75 por aca dejo Mi Participación Saludos.


Hola amigo @boss75 aca le dejo mi PARTICIPACION


Buenos días querida comunidad y un saludo a @boss75. Estoy muy contenta de participar en este concurso, esta es mi entrada:
Concurso de fotografía :: Fotografía gastronómica || Ricos Almuerzos preparados por mí😊✨|| por @valediaz.


 2 months ago 

Good morning steemians across the world, let me Introduce you one of our typical region dishes. Enjoy it.

Click the Link to go to the Post


Hello @boss75 . this is my contest post entry link. Thank you very much, I hope you like what I share.