Steem For Better Life Community Development Analysis | Jan 6, 2022


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Steem For BetterLife Community continuously reports on community development, this is an important indicator of evaluating this community as a whole, for that we evaluate the Steem For BetterLife Community through 5 important Aspects. The five aspects in question are:

1. Member Development


The growth of Steem For BetterLife Community members continues to increase and this is an achievement for the community to continue to prepare this community to become one of the communities that has differences from other Communities, providing space to channel ideas and be creative, build harmony and encourage the reception of every post released on this community. Everything is done as a form of solidarity from the community, not a standard rule that restricts freedom in this community.

2. Active Poster

Compared to last week, currently active community posters have changed for the better, meaning that there has been an increase in active posters to 255 active posters, while in the previous release, active posters were at 246.

We will display 5 active poster images in the chart below:


3. Community Ranking

Community ratings until the release of this post experienced a significant decline, previously Steem For BetterLife Community was in the top 10 trending communities. The team is doing well, but the growth of community rankings is closely related to the Curation received by users who post in this community.

The position of the Community is at number 12, this is very concerning and requires the team's hard work in encouraging the improvement of the community so that it returns to a better position. We hope that the launch of sanitation and clean water development can encourage an increase in curation so that it will affect the position of the community in the future.

Jepretan Layar 2022-01-06 pukul 17.29.28.png

4. Steps to Improve and Sustain Community Outcomes

As in the discussion above, each community has positive and negative changes, for this reason these analysts become an indicator of the identification of the overall success of the community and the decline in the credibility of the community.
Efforts made by:

  1. Expand posts in the Steem for Better Life Community
  2. Increase Comments for new posts
  3. Give appreciation and openness to members to propose programs as a form of community program through management meetings.
  4. Increase member participation by continuing to support the Programs and Contests that are run.
  5. Selectively awarding creative content in the form of submissions for support curation which is booming as long as this program continues.
  6. Intense promotion of the platform to the public
  7. Evaluate programs and community credibility through regular community meetings.
  8. Identify the factors of failure/decrease in community achievement in general.
5. Ongoing Programs

After the early stages of rebuilding the Community we have re-released 4 contests:

  1. Hope Contest 2nd Edition | What're Your Dreams of Steem in The Next Year?
  3. Announcement : Review Tool Account Auths
  5. STEEM Investing Contest 17th Edition | 50% of Rewards Donated to @worldsmile and @adollaraday

We are currently running Program, the following are the stages of implementation:

  1. WSP- Distribution of Basic Food Aid to Flood Victims
  2. World Smile Project (WSP)-IND Response to Massive Flood In North Aceh
  3. World Smile Project : Transfer 200 SBD to Philippine Typhoon Emergency Response
  4. WSP : BoQ of Water System and Public Latrine Construction [8 Meter x 3 Meter]

The project above requires intense support from all elements and we hope to get the support of @steemcurator01 so that it can realize other programs on a larger scale.

Best Regard,
@irawandedy and Steem For BetterLife Community Team

Cc: @pennsif @el-nailul @heriadi @miftahuddin @klen.civil @sofian88 @mariana4ve

 last year (edited)

Good report.

As a suggestion to help us curate in your community take a look at the way posts are checked in the Steem-Travelers community run by @papi.mati & @willeusz.

You can see an example of this checking in the comment by @hive-111293 on this post...

If you could accurately check and comment like this on all posts in Steem for Better Life within say 12 hours of posting that would help our curation.

It will also be helpful if you clearly identify the main community account and post with it more so we can support it to build up your community SP strength.

If is the community account post community reports etc on that account. Although the name of that is confusing when the community is called Steem for Better Life. Maybe start a new community account and have a big push for building up Steem Power.

Maybe set targets for the SP on your community account, for example...

  • 50,000 SP by the end of March
  • 75,000 SP by the end of June etc

cc @el-nailul @miftahuddin @heriadi

( Is @heriadi still active on Steem? )

 last year 

I will arrange the internal meeting with the team, soonest arriving back to lhokseumawe, actually it has been discussed long ago when we started the community but keeping the steem.educatio account just to avoid the miss understanding of our member at the begining

Thank @steemcurator01 for your advice

Ikut 🙋

Thank you very much. We are working hard to make our community a safe space! 💙🙏🏼✌🏼

 last year 

Our leader @willeusz @papi.mati
Proud of you❤️

 last year 

Thanks! We're glad that the community is slowly growing, the quality of the posts is increasing and Travelers are getting more attention. It's also thanks to you - safi. We are grateful you remain an active member, always share plagiarism-free content and actively participate in Steem-Travelers' life!

 last year 

Dear Leader, I always feel lucky to have you as my guardian. Good luck to the community and I will do my best for the progress of the community. And my dream is to be a dolphin. That is why I am seeking your cooperation. I will power up 100% of my income and I will keep Club 100. Thank you dear leader.

 last year 

Thanks for the Feedback, We will do it as soon as possible.

 last year 

Hi @steemcurator01
I clarified the question above
currently I am still active in steem as a country representative of Indonesia, this can be seen every day I curate the posts of the Steem For Betterlife Community whose authors come from Indonesia and abroad.

I will also run the new main @steembetterlife community account by delegating the power from the old community account

Warm regards



 last year is the main community account, while @worldsmile is a charity account. We will try to make posts intensely on the main account so that we can increase Steem Power through the support of the Steemit Team.

@heriadi is still active in the community, some time ago his computer broke so he had problems making posts, but he continues to contribute to the community. Today the device has been purchased and it will exist again

 last year 

Thanks for the response. We will soon make plans for the future.

Semangat bang @miftahuddin.

 last year 

Okay sir, i guess this will imply that we community members will have to change our delegations from the account to the new account?

I will do just that so as to help build the new community account💪🏼

 last year 

Do your best! Make Steem great again!

 last year 

This is a very detailed analysis of the community development, congrats. I am loving the work which this community is doing; both for the growth of the community and its members, and for the philanthropic services and grants. I pray that God blesses you guys because you have saved several lives with these beautiful acts of kindness.🙌

 last year 

By the way congrats for reaching this level and for the healthy grow of this community.

This is good thing to know that everyone in to engage each post to this community. It is one of an important thing to the community to have an engagement to each other.

More power and God Bless!

 last year 

Buen informe, seguiremos trabajando para mejorar las estadísticas y alcanzar más apoyo.

 last year 

Sir please club75 tag add me.



 last year 

This is great achievement, and i am so encouraged by seeing this, actually when i join the community, it wasnt at this stage, but reading this has really proven that this community is really making progress. I need to support the community in it's activities and i hope other active steemians take this course too. Thanks for sharing this update @worldsmile.

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