#burnsteem25 | Gardening - Papaya cultivation will soon be harvested

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selfie in the papaya garden while monitoring the growth process which is soon to be harvested

Unknowingly, the papaya fruits have started to grow and are just waiting for their skin color to turn yellow so they can be harvested immediately, it has been more than 3 months since the papaya tree seedlings were first planted in our small garden, and fortunately the results of our first experiment gave good results. , although there are some stems that only produce male flowers but overall many stems that produce fruit according to the parent sown some time ago.

Condition one month ago Present condiition

Our curiosity about the type of fruit produced has been solved, and for now we are just waiting for the papayas to ripen and then taste the taste, we hope that the taste produced later will also be the same as the mother of honey papaya in general.

Although later on, not all harvests will be as expected because some trees appear to produce fruit that is different from the honey papaya type, maybe it happened because of the long dry season two months ago, but now the rain has started to fall which means winter has arrived and The small ditch dug around the papaya tree has also accommodated enough water for the needs of all existing papaya trees until harvest time arrives.

Soon these papayas will be harvested, and of course we will be very happy because we can see the process of growth starting from sowing seeds to harvesting them later.

I want to convey that gardening is actually very fun and it can fill spare time so it is not wasted as I have said in some of my posts about my garden, besides that gardening can also be used as a place to channel hobbies for people who have vacant land, besides being able to be consumed by ourselves, we can also use the harvest to be sold and become a promising business value, because the selling value of honey papaya fruit is quite profitable and in demand by many people because of the sweet and soft taste of the fruit.



Hopefully what I have shared so far about the papaya garden can be a source for anyone who wants to garden, with the hope that all of you like my garden, and if any steemian friends have experience with the concept of gardening, please leave a positive comment for me, because I am still very I need knowledge for proper papaya cultivation, so that the harvest I will get will be very satisfying.



Links related to the process of growing papaya in my garden from the beginning to the present

Thank you for everything, happy gardening and let's make this earth green again in the future.


Keep growing!🌱 We’ve reposted this.🌳

 5 months ago 

The change in the Papaya fruit over the short period is actually remarkable. I love to see how plants transform this majestically, it gives me some joy inwardly and how much more would the joy be to the farmer that has cultivated them?

Amazing gardening experience shared with us. I don't mind starting up something like this. Thanks for sharing, @sofian88.

 5 months ago 

Actually I don't have a good gardening experience, I try to learn from the village farmer, I hope this will become a new hobby for me because it turns out gardening is very fun.

Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate it

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