Gardening, Papaya and Cayenne pepper that I planted a month ago have grown big | My day taking care of the garden

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I've never published about the condition of my garden before, because I'm not sure it will produce a papaya tree as fertile as it is today, we know to get a perfect papaya tree requires special care and skill in selecting seeds when planting.

My father is a farmer, he has cultivated various types of secondary crops, but because the land we have is very small, the number of plants must be limited according to the size of the available land.

Papaya and cayenne pepper seeds before being transferred for planting in the garden a month ago
Papaya and cayenne pepper seeds before being transferred for planting in the garden a month ago

The selection of superior papaya seeds was carried out by my father very skillfully and thoroughly, while I only planted all the seeds that had been chosen by him. Also for the process of caring for all my plants, I always follow the directions from my father, starting from land preparation, fertilization, to spraying anti-pests and regular watering every day.

Even in 2019 my father once earned a sizable income when harvesting red chilies, the selling price at that time was very high so many farmers benefited.

I'm the one taking care of the papaya in the garden

Actually I really like gardening, because when I was little, I used to often see and accompany my father gardening, but because of work and other activities, I was not so focused on taking care of the garden.

Since I live in a semi-permanent house that I built a few months ago, I have had more time to take care of the garden, especially now that I am not working as an employee and plus the location of the garden is right next to my house, so I can take care of it. garden as often as possible at this time.

There are two types of plants that I grow in my garden, namely papaya and cayenne pepper, each with 20 stems. I chose these two types of plants because they do not require a lot of capital, and their maintenance is also very simple.

I hope you all like my garden, don't hesitate to leave comments and good suggestions regarding the right papaya cultivation guide, because I will be very happy to read it and in the future I will regularly post the process of growing papaya and cayenne pepper plants in my garden until harvest. , hopefully these two types of plants can produce abundant harvests later.



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