Burnsteem25 : Contest Winner Announcement - How Do You Promote Steem.? [Welcome Back #club75]

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Contest - How Do You Promote Steem.? has ended exactly at 00.00 West Indonesia Time on August 24, 2022, where there are many participants in this contest who have presented various interesting ideas in promoting steem to the general public whose final goal is find investors for the steemit platform. Apart from this, there are other explanations about steem promos that have been carried out by steemians around the world in the growth of steem for this platform.

So with the end of this contest, I as the organizer and the entire Steem For Betterlife Community team have chosen the top three posts as the top posts and they are all entitled to 9 Steem Power along with submissions to the booming curation account. And a little evaluation of this contest, namely the need for emphasis when the participants of the next contest with the same theme, whether I organized it or organized by another steemian, are to campaign for club status and support all the rules set by the steemit team, for example about #burnsteem25.

Below are the top three posts that are the top posts in this contest that are entitled to 9 Steem Power along with their submission submissions to the @booming curation account.

LinkCoverStatus Club
How Do You Promote Steem.? By @ishayachrisimage.pngclub75
How Do You Promote Steem.? By @yakspeaceimage.pngclub75
How Do You Promote Steem.? By @simonnwigweimage.pngclub75

I congratulate the 3 steemians who have done the steem promo in their own way with all their uniqueness, and thank you to the other steemians who have participated in this contest, my appreciation to all of you. And to note that this contest was held to support the #burnsteem25 and #promosteem campaigns as the first step in my support as the organizer of the rules set by the steemit team for this.

Apart from the above, I would like to extend my warm greetings to all steemians around the world who have supported me a lot so far, especially to the steemit team through @steemcurator01 who has supported me continuously. And below I attach proof of the delivery of prizes in the form of steem power to the winners, and of course I have submitted a submission to the booming curation account.


Cc : @pennsif

Indonesia, August 25, 2022
Contest Organizer

 5 months ago 

Wow congratulations to all winners

 5 months ago 

Congratulations to us. Thank you sir.

 5 months ago 

Congratulations to all the winners!

 5 months ago 

Wow! Congratulations to all winners

Bagaimana cara gabung di klub ino

 5 months ago 

Indeed is a great thing to see how they are all doing their best to see that the all promote steem
And a big congratulations to all the selected member

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