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First and foremost I want to thank the team of the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE for giving me the chance to publish this blog in your community.

This is Nirmalya aka @kingporos. I am currently a moderator of the Amar Bangla Blog community and promoter & communication member of @bangla.witness. Today I am here in this wonderful community to talk about a new witness on Steem Blockchain which is run by our community Amar Bangla Blog founded by our beloved @rme Dada.

Although our witness is less than 60 days old we are at number 15 in the witness ranking. We have started @bangla.witness with a clear vision of the betterment of the Steemit platform. This is our announcement post. Please read it in here, bangla.witness announcement, Voice of Bengali people.



Main GOAL of @bangla.witness

Our main goal is to contribute to the Steem blockchain and its betterment. Currently, we are dedicated to multiple upcoming projects developed on the STEEM Blockchain. i.e. SteemPro, a mobile application open to all users of this wonderful platform, and Steemit.blog, an open-source social blogging platform that is built on the STEEM blockchain with some unique & more user-friendly GUI and many extra features. You can learn more about it in our Bangla.Witness and Relevant Thoughts.

Achievements of @bangla.witness

As I have stated earlier our witness already reached 15th in the witness ranking in less than 60 days. We are truly thankful to all the communities including some great Admins, Moderators, and users. Without them, our witness couldn't achieve this feat. So, THANK YOU.


With the help of @rme Dada and his great leadership we already running 6 communities.

  • আমার বাংলা ব্লগ, a decentralized representation of the Bengali community on Steemit platform.
  • Beauty of Creativity, as the name suggests Beauty of Creativity is home to all kinds of creative works like art, photography, singing, writing & articles.
  • Tron Fan Club, a specialized community dedicated to the TRON Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, De-Fi, Smart Contract, Blockchain Games, dApps, and TRX-based dApps & TRON blockchain-related issues on Steemit platform.
  • STEEM WATCHER, this community tirelessly works against all the abusers and spammers on the steemit platform to keep the platform clean.
  • Steem Alliance, with a goal of a united Steemit community.
  • Steem Dev, a community for Steemit Development Team.

How can you help us?

We humbly ask you for your valuable witness vote. It will encourage us to work for this ecosystem. And we promise with your support, we will work tirelessly to improve this platform. This is your chance to participate directly in the Steemit development decisions by voting @bangla.witness.

Please read our thoughts and goals,

Thank you

First of all, I want to thank @el-nailul, @heriadi @irawandedy & @klen.civil. I am really grateful to the team. And really excited that the community admins & moderators wholeheartedly support @bangla.witness.

Thank you again to @el-nailul, @heriadi, @irawandedy, @patjewell, @klen.civil, @ubongudofot, @damithudaya, @sofian88, @alanasteemit and @mariana4ve. I express my gratitude to all of you.

A few words about our founder @rme

The person, @rme Dada, is the driving force behind all six communities and @bangla.witness. Our success is largely due to his vision. We could not have succeeded without his vision and leadership abilities. @rme Dada has great plans for this platform and going forward. So once again, I humbly ask everyone that please support @bangla.witness and be a part of the change.

The Witness Team

@rmeChief Supporter and Advisor, Founder-Amar Bangla Blog
@blacksTeam Leader, Founder-Beauty of Creativity & Executive Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@moh.arifVPS Host and Node Leader, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@dr-frankensteinOur Technical support Leader
@dev.supportersOur consultant team leader
@rex-sumonPromotion Manager and Decision Maker, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@hafizullahTeam Designer and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@winklesRegional Leader (IN) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@shuvo35Regional Leader (BD) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@faisalaminDeveloping & Technical Member, Executive Moderator- Beauty of Creativity
@nusuranurPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog
@kingporosPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog


My humble request to @el-nailul, @heriadi, @irawandedy, @patjewell, @klen.civil, @ubongudofot, @damithudaya, @sofian88, @alanasteemit and @mariana4ve, post your community introduction blog in Steem Alliance community. This is a community with the goal of a united Steemit for the betterment of the platform.

And to all bloggers, if you have any ideas regarding steem development please share them in Steem Dev.


On behalf of our founder, @rme Dada, I want to share some wonderful news with everyone. Sometimes we'll curate some posts from the communities that fully support our @bangla.witness.

This is a small gift from us to support us.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Best Regards,

Moderators of আমার বাংলা ব্লগ
Promotion & Communication Member of @bangla.witness .

CC: @rme @hungry-griffin

This is a promotional post.

VOTE @bangla.witness as witness



SET @rme as your proxy


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Done and dusted :-)

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