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We would like to thank everyone from Bangla.Witness at the beginning, because we have been able to reach a desired position with your support very quickly. Our aim is not only to be in the top list, because we have done the Witness Run with a specific goal in mind, we want to achieve our goals and we have a specific road map for that.

Why Bangla.Witness:

'Amar Bangla Blog' started working a little differently from the start, trying to showcase their skills and abilities at the very beginning. We have ensured the desired development of Bengalis, we have given them an opportunity to unleash their inner talent and accelerated the proper contribution of their skills to the Steemit platform. Then on behalf of 'Amar Bangla Blog' and to represent the Bengali community, we do the Witness Run and through that we want to ensure the desired contribution to the entire Steemit Blockchain.

Our capabilities:

We have already tried to prove our ability by creating the coveted position of 'Amar Bangla Blog'. By exposing our users to tangible skills, work ethic and long-term contribution efforts. Our ongoing projects are a testament to it, our users' ongoing power-ups are a testament to it, and our users' contributions are a testament to it. Our skilled and qualified team leaders, investment mindset, hardworking endeavors prove their capabilities.

Below are some of our community's ongoing projects, although we have already shared detailed information about them.

ABB School: We educate users about Steemit & Blockchain at basic and advanced levels.
Free Steemit ID Registration: We are offering new Steemit ID instantly to enthusiastic users.
Free Delegation: We are currently giving 100 SP free delegation to encourage new users & help them to increase their steemit engagements with sufficient resource credits (RC).
ABB Fun: Efforts to inspire and guide users in making the right engagement.
ABB Charity: The best way to express sympathy, it is an effort to help users with their problems.
Heroism Project: This is an attempt to consolidate small power and ensure the desired support of users.

Configuration of our server:

Currently, we are running 3 nodes. There are three of them: seed node, RPC node, and witness node. Below there is more information about our server configuration.

Main Witness Node

We are running our main witness node with the following server configuration .

LocationFinland (Helsinki)
CPUAMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X
Bandwidth1 GBit/s
OSUbuntu 20.04.3 LTS

RPC Node
We are running our RPC node with the following server configuration .

LocationFinland (Helsinki)
CPUAMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X
SSD2x 3.84 TB NVMe SSD
Bandwidth1 GBit/s
OSUbuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Seed Node Port 2001
we are running Seed node and Backup witness node on VPS from Contabo with the following configuration.

CPU8 vCPU Cores
OSUbuntu 20.04

Witness Team:

@rmeChief Supporter and Advisor, Founder-Amar Bangla Blog
@blacksTeam Leader, Founder-Beauty of Creativity & Executive Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@moh.arifVPS Host and Node Leader, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@dr-frankensteinOur Technical support Leader
@dev.supportersOur consultant team leader
@rex-sumonPromotion Manager and Decision Maker, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@hafizullahTeam Designer and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@winklesRegional Leader (IN) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@shuvo35Regional Leader (BD) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@faisalaminDeveloping & Technical Member, Executive Moderator- Beauty of Creativity
@nusuranurPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog
@kingporosPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog

Our goal:

Although our first goal is to improve the quality and skills of the Bengali community members, connect the Bengali community spread all over the world to blockchain, ensure proper use of their creativity and skills, guide them properly and ensure their precise position on the Steemit platform. But we also have a clear goal, and that is to contribute to the Steem blockchain, unite all the communities of the platform through a specific community, free from abuse, and take the value of Steem to the desired position.

We are trying to achieve that goal by implementing our specific plan and road map. We are already moving in that direction with clear steps. Although we have already presented an idea of the ongoing projects by our community, we have also started working on two more projects to maintain the desirable environment of the Steemit platform.

Abuse Watcher:

This is a blockchain-based initiative outside of our community. We want to keep the Steemit platform abuse-free and ensure fair distribution of rewards. We have already discussed with the desired individuals, with the communities, and are trying to make certain policies to maintain the desired environment so that we can achieve our desired victory with everyone.

Conjoint Community:

We want to create a collective community with admins and moderators of the active community of the entire Steemit blockchain, through which the representatives of each active community will come under a certain umbrella and it will be easier to take decisions through consensus on any ongoing issue. We want to ensure contribution to the entire blockchain, together with everyone with a desired goal. We have already prepared the road map for this community, and its implementation will start very soon.

Witness Rewards Plan:

Our first target is to increase our capacity. We will use all the rewards of Witness to increase our power and continuously strengthen ourselves. We will never distribute these rewards to users, just hope to receive witness votes like others. Rather, we will put ourselves in a strong position and try to contribute to the ecosystem in the right way. because we believe that capability is a great tool to achieve goals. Capability makes it easy to navigate any difficult situation. As our capacity increases, we will allocate 75% vote support for new users of Amar Bangla Blog and 25% vote support for new users of other communities. We will always stand by those who promote Steemit and work to keep it free of abuse.

Decentralized Steem-based Applications:

As you are already aware of our plans through the Witness announcement post, we are working on multiple applications and continue to strive to ensure contributions across the entire blockchain. We are on the cusp of releasing a mobile app. We will make it available to all users as soon as possible. Maybe you will get this related announcement in a few days, but we shared some screen shots of the mobile app for you.

We also tried to develop our own website using Steemit's API. In this case too, we have come a long way with our own efforts and experience and have passed many steps. We will announce this in due course after completing the entire work. We hope that through this effort we will be able to give everyone more joy in working and increase the popularity of Steemit.

Currently, we're working on these following projects : : We're working on it. is an open source social blogging platform that is built on the Steemit blockchain. Basically, is an alternative interface to But, it has a unique & more user-friendly GUI and extra features. : We're working on it. This is a very useful web tool for our three steemit communities to check the status of a specific user. We can easily check every user's activities in these three communities on a weekly basis using this tool. This project was created by our Developing & Technical team Member Faisal Amin (@faisalamin).

Mobile application SteemPro : We're working on it. SteemPro is a mobile application built on the Steem blockchain with a unique UI and functions. It's a non-profit project started with the collaboration of Beauty of Creativity and আমার বাংলা ব্লগ team members. It will be available to all Steem members for free. Users can do blogging on Steemit using this mobile application for absolutely free. The main developer of this project is Faisal Amin (@faisalamin), our Developing & Technical team member . There are two versions: the Android version and the iOS version. Here are some sample pages of our mobile apps built on the Steemit blockchain. -

Shy Bot : It's our first steemit bot. This bot was developed by Faisal Amin (@faisalamin), our Developing & Technical team member. The main function of this bot is to automatically moderate users' posts. It can detect low quality posts, micro posts, spam comments, copy-paste contents, and plagiarized articles. This is an auto-mod bot.

abb-bot, tfc-bot, boc-bot : All these three bots are Discord bots developed by Faisal Amin (@faisalamin), our Developing & Technical team Member. Using these bots, we can easily monitor every user's activities on the Steemit platform. We can also check a user's post quality and make reports by using these bots.

Currently, we are thinking about NFT projects. I'm thinking about how to launch an NFT project on the Steem blockchain.

Reputation and transparent Appearance

We are very careful about our position. We are very careful about maintaining our reputation. Because we have been connected to the Steemit platform since its inception and have been transparent. We don't like to be behind a mask; we don't want to work incognito from behind a screen; we want to work by bringing out our best, connecting with everyone, working together. Our work, initiatives, and efforts are living proof of that. We also believe that the bond of mutual cooperation, the exchange of experience, and the mindset of walking together makes achieving success much easier.

Last word:

We are not here to establish short-term goals or interests, but rather we are here to ensure our contribution to the best of our abilities. We want to work with everyone to ensure the success of the entire blockchain by valuing everyone's opinions and building relationships.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to @blockseater, @dr-frankenstein, @dev-supporters, @justyy and @upvu. Our Witness Project would not have been successful without their help.

We would be gratefull to you if you cast a witness vote for bangla.witness. you can cast a witness vote -


Click This Link , scrolling to the bottom, and filling in the form bangla.witness


Click This Link , Then continue with you steem username and key.

Thank you to everyone, who have supported us in many ways in witnessing run, who have inspired us by our side. We hope everyone's support will continue.


Bangla.witness is committed to working for this platform. Bangla.witness is going to keep a lot of contribution on steemit platform. It was a completely non-profit project. What is needed here now, Bangla.witness will work to fill those shortages.

I would like to thank @blockseater, @dr-frankenstein, @dev-supporters, @justyy and @upvu for their wonderful help.

You are welcome dear...

We have tried to show through the post a little continuity of why we are actually trying to keep ourselves active as witness. Although there is a lot more work behind and we have to work constantly and we have many more projects to work on constantly. In fact, the subject of work cannot be fully expressed in words. This is actually a matter of feeling and success. But I think that we want more popularity of this platform and we are working for the development of this platform.


We hope that our witness will play a very important role in this platform. Also bangla.witness on Steemit platform will go far in the future. All the projects we are running now are successful and also our witness too. I hope all our upcoming projects will also be successful and we will be able to give many new things to this platform.I also hope that many developments of this platform will be achieved through our bangla.witness.

I also want to thank those who have been with us since the beginning.
thank you.

Your plans are good, I love to see a lot of new development coming from your part.

I’m thinking that this will surely going to make Steem better and the price will raise eventually, you have a solid team that really wants to contribute

@amarbanglablog is a successful community. I am really happy to work with Bengali blog. I have many plans for @amarbanglablog and many plans have come true. banglablog wants to strengthen the steemit platform. For that purpose, he has been giving that proof with success all the time. I got to know everything about steemit bloge and now working accordingly... I am really happy to be with such a platform. I hope @amarbanglablog will always play an important role in the steemit platform.

You guys are doing great for us. Well described everything. Now people can know our goal. Hope together we will reach in the top and gain our vitory. Proud to be a Amar Bangla Blog user. Happy journey.

We always hope that all our plans will be successful. Since working in this community I have got proper guidance about my skills and this platform. Which is very important for everyone. Step by step every step has achieved success which is a great achievement. I hope that you will get more success in the future.

We are exceptional and we are really unstoppable in steemit Blockchain. Day by day we are just growing up with our new and exceptional projects. We believe that every project of #amarbanglablog is for the wellbeing of bloggers and also for growing #steem Blockchain.
Good wishes for everyone 👌

Love you my Bangla Witness . so happy @amarbanglablog blockchain community.and thank you very much founder @rme .

We strive to make high quality posts and highlight the beauty of those posts.. In fact, we believe that success lies in good work. And in the meantime we have proved our best.Our witness will play an important role in the platform. Also Bangla Witness on Estimate platform will take a long way in future.

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