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Hello Steemians!

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I am pleased to join this contest organized by @goodybest. This contest is aim to display different types of creativity through recycling, drawing and many more. For the purpose of this contest, I will go for recycling by transforming an old hair FROM TRASH TO TREASURE. We all know the importance of recycling when it comes to waste management.

IMG_3824.jpegAn old hair bundle

Following me while I use three stages to recycle an old hair;

STAGE 1: Closure ventilation

In this stage, I used simple steps to ventilate closure by putting the strands of hairs in-between the lace with the help of ventilating pin.

IMG_3820.jpegVentilation processIMG_3825.jpegFinal look of the closure
STAGE 2: Wig Making

Here, I used the closure and the hair bundle to produce wig by sewing the closure to wig cap (in front) and sewing the rest of the hair round the cap with the help of needle and thread.

IMG_3828.jpegSewing closure first to the capIMG_3832.jpegSewing from backIMG_3843.jpegFinal look after wigging

After completing the wigging process, the hair wasn't presentable which is why I will proceed to the next stage.

STAGE 3: Treatment and Styling

This is the last stage. Here, I treated the hair by washing and styling.

Treatment process
I first of all washed the hair before mixing three different products in a bowl. I applied these products on the hair, put the hair in nylon and a Ziploc bag and steam it for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

IMG_3851.jpegWashing with shampooIMG_3850.jpegTreatment productsIMG_3853.jpegAbout to steam

I placed the hair on mannequin and used flexi rods to roll the hair. Immediately I was done with that, I sun dry it for days.

IMG_3869.jpegRolling with flexi rodsIMG_3870.jpegI kept it to dryIMG_3930.jpegUsing hot comb to flatten the front

Few days later, when the hair was dry, I used electric hot comb to comb the upper part ( closure) and remove the flexi rods on it and the hair was beautifully transformed into treasure!

IMG_3932.jpegFinal result

I will invite @eliany, @mesola and @josepha to join the DIY contest. Thank you!

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This is lovely @adylinah. I have wigs I would love to treat, so tell me how much will it cost me? Are still in Uyo ?

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Thank you for the review

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Hi Ady you didn't answer my questions

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Ohh! Sorry about that. Hair treatment is #6,000
No, I’m not in Uyo

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I would love to, do know anyone here you can refer me to?

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Yes. I will confirm if she’s in town and get back to you.

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