CONTEST "Photo hunt!": Week #20 - Winter holidays!

in SteemFamily2 years ago

Hi friends, it's only a short time until the end of winter - less than two weeks! We invite you to take a look back at some of the highlights of this period!

Tell us about your holiday or vacations this winter! Have you been skiing or skating, perhaps? Roasting meat outdoors or just walking in the winter woods?

Winter holidays tend to be very memorable! Share them with us! It's very interesting to see winter holidays in different countries. In Russia, for example, there has been a lot of snow this year and many people have been skiing or walking in the parks. On the other side of the planet there is no snow at all, but there is a holiday! Show it to us!


Dates: 18.02. - 25.02.

Main conditions:

  • Post a photo in our community SteemFamily (only your own photos, which has not been used anywhere!!!).
  • Provide a payment of 10% for @steemit-family (Please remember to do so and indicate our account correctly - @steemit-family).
  • Add a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, who is depicted on it (without plagiarism!) - at least 150 words (!).
  • Put tag #photohunt and tag of your country. If you adhere to the #Club5050, #Club75, or #Club100 rule, include these tags.
  • Invite two of your friends to participate in the contest via @.
    -Post the main picture and a link to your post in the comments (do not forget to attach the main photo to the link).
  • You can use one or more photos, but there can only be one post!

The authors of the five best works will receive 3 steem each. We will sum up the results after after 8 February (February 26 ог 27)!

Good luck for all!

 2 years ago 

Thanks @steemfamily for this contest I will drop my entry link soonest

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Nice pics ,Indonesia is so beautiful country. Your child is so cute.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you so much my friend,,

You have organized a beautiful contest. I will definitely try to participate.

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