Contes Week #4 : dream house story contest and win 15 Steem prizes every week

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hello all especially members of the #steem-family community good night, I hope you are all still in good health and well, well a few hours ago I posted five contest winners for week 3 and everything went smoothly, and was successful.

and as usual today we continue the contest week 4,for this week's title or theme, it's still in the family theme, let's tell a little story.

"dream house story contest"

Now for this week's contest, let's discuss a little about your dream house or your own house, I think almost all families have the same dream, which is to have a dream house or your own house, in this week's contest I want to hear a little story from you, how you did it ? about the house, both your own house and someone else's house, and tell us a little about your dream house according to the photos you share.


  • upvote, comment and resteem this post.

  • posts must be made in the #steemfamily community.

  • share 10% gifts to the @steemit-family account for community progress

  • all languages accepted

  • use these tags ( #steemfamily-week4, #steemexclusive , #contest, #country )

  • invite three of your friends to enter the contest.

  • Posts are not accepted if they contain plagiarism, or copy and paste from any source, must be original posts.

  • Tag my name @humaidi so I can find your post as soon as possible.

  • Your content is at least 250 words,and there must be at least 3 photos

  • share your entry under the comments of this post

Posts are accepted until 30 October at 23:59 WIB.

Reward pool system

Rank 42.steem
Rank 51.Steem
Note: The more you edit the less chance to win.

I am waiting for posts from you, and hopefully all of you will join this contest, thank you.

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 2 years ago 

Thanks you so much,,

You are welcome @humaidi 👍

Many successes for your contest!

 2 years ago 

thank you very much, I'm happy to see it, every week this contest goes smoothly

Wow, this is an interesting contest for us to enter.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you so much,,

This is a very good contest, commendable. Thank you for holding this contest.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you somuch for koment,,😉😉

You're Welcome brother 😊🤝

Genial, he soñado bastante con una casa propia, así que tengo mucho para contar.

 2 years ago 

Another amazing contest!
I'll drop my entry soon.

 2 years ago 

Thank you, I am waiting for your participation.

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