Wow, YOU DOWNVOTED ME FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME, WHAT FOR NOW ? Because, I didn't Vote for Your Witness ? What a Mess, What a Stress...!? ( Part 2 )

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How Do You like my New List of "Cute Downvotes"?

Isn't it Cute...?
Very Stylish, Very Modern & Uplifting...

The Symbol of one "Fear Free Society & Platform"...

What Should I do to avoid such a Regular 4 Months "Cute Votes" Honor...?

To Vote for the Witnesses You will order me to Vote...?
Or Something Else...?
Maybe to Delegate my Power by Singing to You...?

Screenshot_20200306-003233_Samsung Internet.jpg

What a Cute Downvoting Design...

I am Astonished & Thrilled by the Genius Master Downvoting Artist,
Such a Masterpiece of Red Colours,
Well Shaped names like @curangel, @pharesim, @cervantes, @sportsvoter, @matt-a, on...
Only poetry of Sounds, I can hear in my ears from "Downvoting" Simphony...

Oh, My, Oh, My, What is now Half Good Content...?

Maybe Half Bad ?
Maybe too Half-Long ? Oh, Yes, Topic, it is the Topic...?
Noooo, Too Many Letters O ...?
Noooo, I Guessed, too Many A Letters combined with E?

Screenshot_20200306-003211_Samsung Internet.jpg

Such An Attention, I am getting for the past 4 Months...

I am honored by Your Constant Attention,
Such a Persistence by My Most Faithful Downvoting Followers,...
Wow, I almost burst in Tears,
Only, Persistent Downvoters are Doomed to Success...

Screenshot_20200306-003146_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20200306-003126_Samsung Internet.jpg

Oh, My, Oh, My, What did You Say ?

Democratic Blockchain & Social Network...
Where ?

Original Printscreen Photo by @tatjanastan


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