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Steem is very cheap and with small changes and upgrades, it can jump very high and over 10 dollars. Now we see d projects that have a strong community and a developed network on which to build projects thrive, Steem if it does the same as others have several advantages. The Steem blockchain with Steemit has a developed blogging power of writing, which means we have a core of promotional power that can promote the Steem Network very successfully. The second reason is that crypto represents the future of the economy and business, its speed, simplicity, and security represent great advantages in building a business without intermediaries. If we compare BTC and gold we know that BTC has only 21 000 000 and that's the end, and we don't know about gold, more gold is mined every year and there is an inflation of 3%. I would prefer Steem to have a limited and finite number, that way its value would grow much faster, and it is easier for promotion and the essence of business success. If we know that the Steem Network will be created in the future, then we know that its value can easily be 10 dollars, which means that with 100,000 Steem we become millionaires.


We all have an interest in building the Steem Network and that's why we should be united, united, and focused because with that we will increase the value of Steem and everyone will be satisfied. Where there is a lot of money and value, it is much easier to develop projects, that is what would take us back to the top.

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We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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