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Imagine you are a shark rider, how many people would come to see something like that? Business is an idea, it is an attractive idea that gives people a certain value, of course, the idea should become a reality and we have that in the Steem ecosystem. If money is distributed to users it can take a short time and the project will fail, but here we have those who believe in the project, who invest in Steem and constantly do Power Up. The strength of a religion depends on the believers, it is the same in business, the strength of a business and a project depends on the users who believe in it. Faith is shown by deeds, and that means being active, doing Power-Up instead of Power Down, promoting Steem, and supporting the community. Everyone wants to make money but only a small number of people see the vision in the long run and therefore invest their money in Steem Power, some need money for food and I understand that, but no one wants to reward those who constantly do Power Down. Imagine someone helping you open your own business, say a restaurant, but instead of working and serving customers you simply spend that money, it’s the same for you when you’re constantly doing Power Down. On the other hand, when it comes to a user who has a lot of voting power and who rewards users, I'm sure he feels stupid when he rewards those who don't contribute to the project, who just look at their personal interests and unfortunately in the wrong way. Negative thoughts and the wrong way of thinking is like a shark, eating our dreams at the very beginning.

The goal of the @steemucurator01 and other steemcurators is to stimulate Power Up, to stimulate those users who will be an example for other users, those who will promote the Steem blockchain and its potentials. Steem value grows when users buy Steem, when they don’t sell it, and when their Steem Power grows. It is selfish that we expect others to invest and that we only spend our earnings, we sell Steem. Being a leader means being a good example to others, our story may be the most beautiful in the world but if our actions do not support our story then we lose our credibility, no one will want to believe us. The most important thing for success in life is communication and trust, when people believe in you then you can do great things in life.

Imagine you have 10,000 Steem and its value is $ 10 or $ 20? I believe that’s what everyone would love, right? When the value of Steem grows, then the voting power grows, imagine that your voting power is 50 SBD, how would you feel now? We need to understand the essential things that rewarding and influx of new users is very important, but it is even more important that they all invest in Steem and do Power Up because it will bring financial well-being to all of us. Either we are successful or we have arguments (excuses), it is easiest to justify that we do not have money and that is why we do not do it like those who have money. Steemit is not made as a model for begging, Steem blockchain is a business model with the potential of a social network.

When we have a good foundation then we can build a great building of success. When we take leadership steps then we go towards the goal, Steem value rises, everyone earns more, users are satisfied and we have an open path to financial independence. There is no moment of happiness and prosperity, there is work that is constant and the path itself represents our success and the emotions of victory. Communities give very strong support to all active users, especially those who are ambitious, fair and who give a positive result for all users. It doesn’t matter if you have money, it matters how you do things because wealth has its order: 1. You need to be wise as a successful man, 2. to work as rich and 3. You have as rich. I keep hearing stories where people tell me that when he has money he knows how to make more, and then oftentimes and when it comes to money, money disappears like a fog. Most people want to take a shortcut to a goal, I know it’s almost impossible except in the cases of some geniuses who have been lucky or have a revolutionary approach. We all have desires, dreams, but only a small number of people constantly work to make them come true, few are committed to the end until they achieve success in life. There are a lot of users who earn well but are constantly at the same level as Steem Power, imagine someone who lives in a country where the monthly salary is $ 100 or less to earn $ 2000 and not invest in Steem Power and that brings him earnings? Everyone who does so swims in waters where they can be eaten by sharks because if we are not ready to step out of the comfort zone and progress, to invest at some point our lives can become an illusion, we can lose support and go to the bottom.


Our greatest enemy is between our ears, he can take us to the top or ruin us. It is not easy to give up entertainment, not to watch television, movies, and write posts that are quality, for which we need a lot of time. It is not easy to invest money, to save and to invest in Steem, in our business. The goal, focus, discipline, creativity are the things that keep us in shape to achieve great results, giving up something to achieve our desires is the right path. The first day you start running you need a lot of willpower, when you do it 30 days every day, then after that, you feel stupid if you don’t go for a run.

It's the same feeling, it's exactly the same situation when you need to write and be active on Steemit, first, you need willpower, many times inspiration, and after a while, you feel stupid if you don't write a post. It’s even harder to do it every day without having any earnings, then you have to change your strategy and connect with people, to give more quality comments to the biggest blogger to get their support. A clearly defined goal for which your heart beats gives you the strength to move forward, those who do not become lazy and will never succeed.


Steem is my ambition, my love, my business, so every day I actively give my maximum in all directions, I'm sure you can do it too!

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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My future is every day!.

I had time without reading your publications, I agree on many points that you raise:

1) Power Up: Last year I started a campaign in favor of Power Up, I said in many virtual meetings that in the Spanish-speaking community most of the users are bloodsuckers because they get into the communities to vote for their publications but they do not aspire to upload their Steem Power to collaborate with the votes, they prefer to Power Down, so in my opinion Steemitblog took the idea to encourage Power Up. Particularly when I go to vote for a user I see their reputation, the date of creation of their account and the amount of Steem Power, when I verify that he has enough time on Steemit and his post has been voted very well and even so he has little Steem Power then I ask him what he has done for life with what he has won, that if he continues doing Power Down he will not count more with my support.

2) Shark riders: About three years ago I developed a program for new users, with the idea of ​​helping them increase their Steem Power and become dolphins, but the project could not lead to total success due to lack of sufficient Steem Power and the loyalty of the users. which always preferred the Power Down. A large account always aspires to vote for new users in the hope that they will grow and thus give back with powerful votes.

3) My experience with Steemcurator04: When I had the opportunity to manage the account @ steemcurator04 for two months I dedicated myself to being a curator for almost 10 and 15 hours a day without a break in order to create a good base in the Latino Community of which I am a leader, at that time there was no curation project with more than 50 thousand Steem Power to support Latino users, when the agreement with Steemcurator04 was fulfilled, many users I helped dedicated themselves to making Power Down, abandoned the scoop of producing 100% original content and they went to other communities, little by little they were abandoning the ship thinking that the Latino Community would sink into the depths of nowhere, but more than 50% of my Steem Power that I achieved in those two months I invested in the same community, another part I invested in mining projects, I just need to give time for the profits to add up to more profits to have all the Steem Power back to my account in favor of users who r really want to learn how to tame sharks.

4) Stubborn as a goat: Since I discovered Steemit I have learned to use many techniques on economics, psychosociology, marketing, social experiments, etc. And I have fallen in love with Steem, despite not currently having enough Steem Power and the support of super powerful whales, I will not leave my life projects adrift, I am thinking of multi-dimensional worlds and those thoughts will continue to bear fruit because constancy is the weapon of war of the one who triumphs daily.

5) Solid land in sight: Last year I had a somewhat dire premonitory dream, I have seen that dream come true in the Latino Community, currently in the middle of nowhere I am seeing very fertile land in the distance, I need to continue swimming through nothing to reach it and build from scratch another Latin Community and there will be the strictly selected seed. and thus show a new user community with great human values ​​stands out

Hi dear Sir..
That's really very informative post. Thank for sharing. Keep it up..

We win together always - See you at the top

nice post and beautiful words. The integration with TRX has given STEEM a new vitality. I have met some good users on this platform lately.

Great support from Tron

Hola amigo, muy motivador tu articulo, crecer y apoyar el crecimiento y consolidación de la plataforma es la meta, me encantaria que el steem a futuro llegara a ser lo que hoy es el Bitcoin.
Ha sido muy inspirador leerte, gracias.
Saludos, que tengas una feliz noche.


Welcome bk @dobartim. Really had missed your great post these few days.


Concerning the project of raising steemit newbies through seminar in the Eastern part of Nigeria, which I asked for help, then you advised me to put it in a great post.
I have written a post about it and also has started pushing the plan on the street.

Here is the post link

Thanks for advise!

Great project

You are welcome

This is good for everyone.

Yes it is