Safety Without Risk Inhibits Progress

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The certainty that we have a house, that we have a car, that we have enough money for basic needs when the question arises whether we want to risk our security for a potential great success, most people give up, they don't even try. Most of those who try give up quickly when they encounter obstacles, some are a little more persistent but give up again, and only a small number of people are ready to invest all their time, and all their potential to achieve great results. I remember the days when I started, there were days when I didn't have money to eat for 2 days, I didn't succeed as an entrepreneur to achieve a big result in the beginning, but I didn't give up and the results started coming. I didn't give up on my dreams when I didn't have money for food, I didn't give up when I didn't have money to pay workers, I didn't give up when I was in the red, I went forward and gave my best, it gave birth to great successes. Persistence overcomes all its obstacles, and the achievement of the goal is the value of all those sacrifices, I sacrificed a secure job and an average life for an extraordinary life and material freedom. I have big goals, I don't give up because I can always achieve something more, the most important thing is that my life is fulfilled and that I do what has a purpose for my life.


Nothing is as important as stepping out of our comfort zone, and leaving our security, because that's the only way we can make our dreams come true.

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