Blockchain Builds a World Without Censorship and Business Intermediation

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We are participating in the golden age of civilization, a new world is being born in which there will be no censorship, freedom is the primary goal, and poverty eradication, and equality are the dominant motives. Now everyone can find their way to material freedom, the world has become global and open for cooperation between all people. Creativity and new influencers become the personalities that lead the world to freedom, it is the path that everyone can follow and become financially free. The limits of success are moving, what is important is that the influence of the mainstream media is weakening, and there are more and more social networks that are freed from censorship, as Twitter did with Elon Musk. Steem can develop into exactly what its primary goal is, a blockchain social network, with small changes it can become a really impressive medium of influence, we should continue on that path. We are the ones who can create a new future, that is our responsibility. A drop of water cannot cause a flood, but a flood consists of many drops of water.


Something big and creative will replace everything that exists, it is a blockchain that is decentralized and gives everyone a chance to break free from censorship and poverty.

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