The Who And Why Do I Follow On Steem Initiative by @theycallmedan

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Hello Everyone 💕 💞,

It is a lovely day here with the ongoing Initiative for the past few days by @theycallmedan it is a very great and interactive initiative and to know the who and why I followed some steemians on steem. I was wondering where to start mine from but as it is it's cool by me if I lick off this way. As part of my own new year resolution I included this that I will always be a participant of any challenge, contest Introduced by this great Community , unless I am out of town to where there is no network connection ( farm). I really appreciate this concept of linking individuals together as one family of STEEM.

I will start by saying, I have a huge list of those I followed although some do not follow me back, no not an offence here at all it's pretty cool and a free world to say.

    1. @theycallmedan , this is a man of his words, so dedicated, so principled. I watched him closely so many times to actually make him a great mentor not because his is the main man here anchoring this particular initiative by because he knows what he want when he want it. I followed him to learn more about Crypto World entirely. Aside being a Whale he has this spirit of Obedience and also spirit of a leader who is ready to sacrifice so many things for his Community. Although, I have not met him in person but I have chatted him up on Telegram and Twitter. He is a true leader , that was why I followed him.

  • 2 . @nathanmars, when it comes to anchoring and tutoring a Community of people he is also a man. I followed him because I noticed so many things about him, he speaks with authority to make things easier, better and work more than before.

  • 3 . @onceuponatime, aside he is a philosopher, he also tried to promote steem is so many ways through showcasing more of STEEM decentralized experience which I gained more from him and I followed him as my mentor as well.

  • 4 . @daveks, when you want to see your images in a great best Photography quality view , he does better . I saw his post some few months ago when I joined Steemit community and I fell in love with what I saw in his profile. The quality and amazing photos caught my attention up till now.

  • 5 . @sultan-aceh, When you talk of Originals, here he is, when I entered the blockchain I saw and simpled so many profile for few days to Know my stand and why I should follow them. I purposely followed him to be a part of Original content creators which he was Among when I sat down and picked. He loves the originals about Flowers generally speaking. That's why I followed him i love nature.

  • 6 . @whatsup , hahahaha. Lol 😀. Yes. This is how it goes, I followed him because he was also a well outspoken man. I remembered when I joined and put in for the contest he introduced few months ago. I got to know him more and also on discord channel. He is truly a blessing to the blockchain as a whole. He speaks authority that's why I followed him. He is also a mentor for me.

  • 7 . @blocktrades, yes this is not just one person but a Community of its own. I followed them because they search for everyone's new ideas , and they also motivate so many people here on the blockchain as a community. I remembered when I entered and signed up for Steemit they were part of those who actually put smile on my face as a newbies. I was wondering if I was the right person when I saw them on my post, I told my younger ones I was visited by @blocktrades. They were so happy for me. I followed them because we need to encourage more people's intelligent and knowledge on the blockchain.

  • 8 . @steemzzang , as a bodily head of a Community as well. I followed them as a community because they also push along STEEM update in Korea language which sometimes I do translate and understand what they meant. You are doing a great job. I also signed up for their new website linked with Steem.

  • 9 . @acidyo, the #posh initiative, I already followed him before this came to existence but to be honest I have seen so many things in him as a mentor. He likes to share his candid option with the entire Community which I think it's the best how a leader can perform or act. That's one thing I learnt from him and that was why I Followes him.

  • 10 . @smooth, as I can see for myself he is an organizer. What I mean is this, when I joined the Steemit I check several post to know who has been on this for a while and who really knows how it is being utilized , I came across @smooth immediately I followed him to keep in touch with is articles on STEEM, Steemfest organizer and also he is a Crypto man. Ask me why?

  • 11 . @themarkymark, sometimes I was opportuned to enchantered him on discord channel, wow. He really made my day. In one word he is a good listener, leader and also he fight for his Community. That was what attracted me to him and I followed him. He stood on his feet and he does it well.

  • 12 . @trafalgar, I watched his post and articles two years ago and I felt yes, he is needed in my own way of life as well. He talked about STEEM is a very good way and it has motivated me to carry along more active work on steemit. He also fight for newsteem initiative. No buying of vote. You are doing a great job.

  • 13 . @gtg, I followed him because he happened to be a wizard. Yes. IT wizard and also because he has more than what you can imagine to offer the community.

  • 14 . @yabapmatt, I followed him because when you are stranded being a developer, you have him here as a mentor and a tutor. He knows what he does so well.

  • 15 . @aggroed, I met him few days ago on @msp-waves channel. He is very accommodating and also in his words he spoke with leadership mind. I love that. He also anchored shows on discord join him.

  • 16 . @hafizullah, when I joined Steemit community I have the impression of meeting so many people Throughout the world despite the fact that some speaks other languages I do respect this man when it comes to vlogging. I noticed him so many months ago, he likes what he does ( vlogging) he is my mentor as well.

  • 17 . @priyanarc, I followed her because of what she has done in the community as one of the most happiest vlogger I ever known and also who has strive in the hard times to stay focus and active as a Steemian vlogger and also a motivator. I love the spirit in her to always fight till the end.

  • 18 . @jeronimorubio he is a great Vlogging motivator who I emulated so well.

  • 19 . @papa-pepper. Wow. I will not end my write up without mentioning this great farm motivator , teacher and also good listener and a leader. I was once in a dilemma when I spoke to him about how things were going with me and he took out of time and listen to me till it was solved.

  • 20 . @adetorrent , yes Steeman 💘. I have known him since some months ago when I joined Steemit. A very happy listener, leader and a vlogger mentor.

  • 21 . @redpalestino, when it comes to traveling blog, Foodie , and vlogging of any kind. He is on point.

  • 22 . @fulltimegeek , he is a great mentor and preacher for Christ that's was why I followed him.

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Very well explained the reasons why you follow this steemians. I also follow a Couple of them. I started following you because @redpalestino shared a Post from you and that was great. To see a farmer at work remainds me to my grandfather. I helped him a lot to collect hazelnuts when i was a child. Keep going that important work.

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 14 days ago 

Hahahaha. Wow. Thanks so much @thales7. Yes, I love farming so much. I even went to farm today I uploaded one version of it few hours ago. I will upload the rest soon. @redpalestino. He is a great Mentor for me.

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Thanks. I will watch it later. Now you got one more follower(from Austria) born in Turkey. 😉

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