Sunacrip And the Venezuelan Economy.

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"Sunacrip And the Venezuelan Economy."

In Venezuela, the National Superintendency of Cryptoassets and Related Activities (Sunacrip) is the body in charge of regulating and supervising transactions related to cryptoassets, including the Petro, the country's national cryptocurrency.


In details what Sunacrip is and how its economy is maintained in Venezuela, considering the advantages and disadvantages of this situation, as well as the key characteristics of Sunacrip and its impact on the Venezuelan economy.

1. What is Sunacrip?

Sunacrip is the regulatory body for crypto assets in Venezuela, established in 2018.

Its main objective is to supervise and control operations related to cryptoassets and ensure compliance with laws and regulations in this area.

2. How is Venezuela's economy maintained through Sunacrip?

a) Petro as national cryptocurrency:

One of the main features of Sunacrip is its promotion and support of the Petro, Venezuela's national cryptocurrency backed by the country's oil reserves.

The Petro is used as a form of payment and storage of value in the Venezuelan economy, allowing international transactions and avoiding economic sanctions imposed by other countries.

b) Tax incentives:

Sunacrip offers tax incentives to companies and people who use crypto assets, especially Petro, in their commercial transactions.

This includes tax exemptions and other benefits to encourage the adoption of crypto assets in the national economy.


photo edited in canva source

c) Facilitation of international transactions:

With the use of Petro, Sunacrip seeks to facilitate international transactions and avoid restrictions imposed by other countries.

This allows Venezuela to maintain and expand its commercial and financial relations despite economic sanctions.

d) Promotion of cryptocurrency mining:

Sunacrip also promotes cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela, which can generate income and employment in the country.

Cryptocurrency mining activity requires a large amount of electrical energy, and Venezuela has abundant and relatively cheap energy resources.

3. Advantages of Sunacrip and the Venezuelan economy?

**a) Avoid economic sanctions?

The adoption of cryptoassets, especially the Petro, allows Venezuela to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by other countries and maintain its international commercial and financial relations.

b) Facilitation of international transactions:

The use of cryptoassets facilitates international transactions, which can boost the country's trade and economy by allowing greater flexibility in financial transactions.

c) Tax incentives:

The tax incentives offered by Sunacrip can encourage the adoption of crypto assets in the Venezuelan economy, which can stimulate investment and business development.

d) Potential for job creation:

Promoting cryptocurrency mining can generate employment in Venezuela, especially in areas with abundant energy resources.

This can help alleviate unemployment and promote economic growth.

4. Disadvantages of Sunacrip and the Venezuelan economy?

a) Lack of trust and limited adoption:

Despite Sunacrip's efforts, the adoption of crypto assets in Venezuela, especially the Petro, has been limited.

Lack of trust and concerns about the stability and transparency of the Petro have hindered its widespread adoption.

b) Risks of corruption and money laundering:

The decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptoassets, including Petro, can pose risks of corruption and money laundering.

It is essential to establish adequate control and supervision mechanisms to guarantee the integrity and transparency of transactions.

c) Volatility of cryptoassets:

Cryptoassets, including the Petro, are known for their high volatility.

This may affect the stability of the Venezuelan economy, especially if the Petro is used as a form of storage of value.

d) Dependency on the energy sector:

The promotion of cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela is closely linked to the country's energy resources.

This can lead to over-reliance on the energy sector and leave the economy vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices and energy availability.


Sunacrip and the adoption of crypto assets, such as the Petro, have generated expectations and debates in the Venezuelan economy.

While there are potential advantages, such as avoiding economic sanctions and facilitating international transactions, there are also significant challenges, such as the lack of trust and volatility of crypto assets.

It is essential to implement adequate control and supervision mechanisms to guarantee the integrity and transparency of transactions, as well as diversify the economy to reduce dependence on the energy sector.

Overall, Sunacrip and the adoption of cryptoassets represent a risky but potentially innovative strategy for the Venezuelan economy.


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