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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will share with you the SteemFoods Community's November Application in detail for the Communities of the Month Support Program launched by @steemitblog.

I know that the project tagged club5050, which was started by the steemit team in the November Support Program, is very important.

Since the project was officially announced by @steemiblog, I have worked best to integrate it into the SteemFoods Community.

Founder of SteemFoods Community, I learned all the details of the project with the tag club5050 in the best way and I am successfully using the tag club5050 in my personal account ( @alikoc07) to set an example for our users.

First of all, I would like to enter our application by sharing our information and answers about the project tagged club5050, which is one of the additional questions in this support program.

Integration of SteemFoods Community and #club5050 Tag

With the announcement of the project tagged club5050 by @steemitblog, I tried to integrate this project in the best way in the SteemFoods Community.

One of the most important rules for our project users with the tag #club5050 to participate is the SP Power Up transaction that the users will make in their wallets. To use this tag, users need to have SP Power Up in the last 7 days. Users who have not done SP Power Up in the last 7 days cannot use this tag in their posts.

The reason for the #club5050 hashtag was to increase the amount of SP in users' wallets and to encourage their users to the future of steem. We see that many users transfer a large part of their income to the stock market.

So this project is great for users to increase SP in wallets, this way much more will reach minimum 1K+ SP in user's wallet. Users who reach 1K+SP in their wallets will set out with this project with a larger SP target.

In order for the #club5050 tag to be used, the amount of SP Power Up to be made must be equal to or more than the amount of ( steem + sbd ) withdrawn in the last 7 days. For example, a user who transfers 250 STEEM needs to Power Up 250 SP in order to use this tag.

Users who use this tag as an extra and get vote support commit to Power Up at least 50% of their income in the next week. I am sure that the use of this tag, its rules and how it will be integrated with users will be the best way to be selected for the November support program.

In a short time, I made a development and announcement in line with the above information to integrate the #club5050 project into the SteemFoods Community. You can review our announcements below.

Our Work on the #club5050 hashtag in the SteemFoods Community

1-) I have announced the full information package by compiling all the necessary information in one post so that our users in the SteemFoods Community can use the #club5050 tag in their posts.

SteemFoods X Club5050 Tag Information Pack - Full Details - #steemfoodsxclub5050


2-) I made the announcement that I encourage our users to successfully use the hashtag #club5050 in their posts, as well as the detailed announcement about the SteemFoods Community X Club5050 Collaboration.

SteemFoods X #Club5050 Collaboration | Club5050 Tag Usage and Vote Support | Get 100% Vote Support from SteemitFoods!


3-) It's about our users need to do SP Power Up first in order to use the #club5050 tag, how many SP Power Up they need to do to use this tag, and if they have transferred in the last 7 days, they should Power Up equal or more than the amount of SP Power Up they need to do. I have explained all the information in detail in the following three posts..

First You Must Increase Your Wallet's SP - Then Join the Event Tagged Club5050 ! Club5050 Tag Usage 🆕

How Much SP Power Up Should I Do To Use The Club5050 Tag? 7-Day Wallet Activity & Club5050 Tag

In order to use the Club5050 Tag: You must Power Up more SP than the Steem you have drawn!

4-) I know that in order to use the #club5050 hashtag, our users need to SP Power Up in their wallet. I will regularly share SteemFoods Power Up Contests on a weekly basis in order to support their SP Power Up operations. As a special rule, I will add that our users make Power Up at least as much as the steem value they have transferred in the last 7 days in order to participate in the competition. This way, many users will automatically be able to use this tag in their posts. (If they follow other rules too). In this way, users will have the chance to use the club5050 tag by making SP Power Up in their wallets, and by doing Power Up, they will earn income by getting vote support from our official curation account @steemitfoods.

SteemFoods Power Up Contest 🚀 | Power Up & Get Vote Support | SteemFoods X #club5050 | +398.813 SP Power Up


5-) I've integrated the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" that I will choose from the SteemFoods Community for the project with the tag #club5050. All of the posts to be selected in November and this week will be our users who produce quality content in the SteemFoods Community with the hashtag #club5050. In this way, many users we support in the SteemFoods Community will contribute to the steem economy by Power Up with at least 50% of their income.

Club5050 Integrated Starts The Best Of SteemFoods Posts! #steemfoodsxclub5050


6-) I opened the SteemFoods X Club5050 Telegram Channel to help and support our users who have questions about how to use the #club5050 tag on the Steem blockchain. In this way, we try to communicate quickly with our users on a social media other than steemit.

Join the SteemFoods Community Telegram Group Tagged Club5050! To Help You... 📱


My Other Works Related to Club5050 Tag:

I organized a special contest for the tag steemfoods-cocktail & club5050 in the SteemFoods Community. It was one of the rules for our users who can only use the club5050 tag to this contest.

I want our users to see the importance of the club5050 tag by adding these rules for all the competitions I will organize in the future.

If we are selected to the support package by steemcurator01 in the November Support Program with the competitions I will organize, I will help the success of the use of the club5050 tag with my full performance with your support in the SteemFoods Community.

SteemFoods Contest -35- | Prepare a Special Cocktail Recipe for #club5050!| + 50 Liquid Steem Award

I integrated the hashtag #club5050 into The Food Diary Game event I started on the SteemFoods Community.

The Food Diary Game X Has been integrated into the Club5050 Tag! Join and Get Vote Support! 🆕 #sfcharity50pc

You will be able to see reports of all information such as club5050 tag usage statistics, SP Power Up statistics of users, SP Development statistics, vote support in SteemFoods Community.

SteemFoods Community Integrates for X Club5050 Tagged Project! Vote Support - Power Up - User SP Statistics

Questions and Answers about the Club5050 Tag:

  • Have all your team members committed to Club5050?

I try to encourage our users to participate in the best way with the SP Power Up competitions I organize, the club5050 tag-specific competitions, the announcements containing the club5050 tag specific information, the telegram group, the announcements in the discord group. You can review our information above.

  • How are you encouraging members of your community to commit to Club5050?

Although the project with the tag Club5050 is already new, many users are trying to produce content using this tag. Steemcurator01 has already tried to support the posts of our users using the tag correctly, I am sure that if we can be selected for the steemcurator01 package for the November Support Program, the activity and content in the community will increase. We were in the support program in September and we had 575+ active creators and lots of posts. I would love to give us a chance to develop this project in the SteemFoods Community after the results are officially announced. I also try to support in the best way with our official curation account. In addition, I provide voting support to our users who Power Up and participate in our 35th contest with one of their booming accounts..

  • What success with promoting Club5050 has your community had so far?

By reviewing all of our announcements above, you can see our work on the club5050 tag promotion. As @alikoc07, if we are in this project in November, with your support, I will do my best to help many users use this tag successfully, increase the SP in their wallet and contribute to the steem economy. SteemFoods is currently one of the communities that makes the most information and development with the club5050 tag.

Community Purpose:

SteemFoods Community is a food and cooking platform established on the steem blockchain. The main purpose of the SteemFoods Community is to support users who produce quality + steem-exclusive content about food and cooking on the steem blockchain. In this way, having a Community that supports food and cooking content on steemit will increase the range of content users can share. This will increase the time users spend on steemit. I am aware that there is a person who does not register on Steemit and shares food and cooking content on the internet. That's why I'm trying to get bloggers who share food and cooking content on the internet to register to steemit with the SteemFoods Community. This is one of the aims of our community. Although there are many bloggers on the internet who are interested in food and cooking, I know that there are many people from the SteemFoods Community and who do not know steemit. If we can get these people to sign up on steemit, I'm sure the steem ecosystem will grow. One of the works I have done so far for this is I tried to promote the SteemFoods Community and steemit by designing and publishing our official website. On, the official website of the SteemFoods Community, you can see that the steemit brand is at the forefront. You can see the current version of in the link below. In addition, one of the biggest features of the SteemFoods Community is that the shared content is exclusive to the steem blockchain. In the content prepared by our users in the SteemFoods Community, you can see that SteemFoods, Steemit and date-written papers, or these texts are creatively added on the plates. For example, in the recipe prepared, SteemFoods with chocolate sauce, as written. You can see that I have made sure that the posts are exclusive to the steem blockchain with the competitions I organize and the Food Diary Game Event I have started.

Our Most Basic Purpose:

One of the main purposes of the SteemFoods Community is to contribute to the steemit curation team, even if it is small, by giving enough votes to our users who produce food and cooking content with our official curation account, steemitfoods. In this way, active content producers on steemit provide additional income and ensure their activity. In addition, I try to attract the attention of globally well-known and famous product brand companies to increase the brand value of steemit and the SteemFoods Community. As of today, I tried to attract their attention by promoting the world famous brands Indomie Noodles, Oreo Cookies and Nestle Brand Products in the SteemFoods Community. I want to let you know that the first Community to launch this on steemit is SteemFoods. I would like to say that Oreo, one of these brands, responded to us by sending a tweet on Twitter, and Nestle Brand Chocolate's Latin America Twitter Account, a post shared by one of our users in the SteemFoods Community, liked the tweet. I continue to sponsor the competitions I organize by making Brand Promotions. I organized a competition for the promotion of the three brands I mentioned above and successfully promoted them on the steem blockchain. I wanted to show our work by adding the [] page on our official website. Below you can see our announcements regarding the competitions and sponsorship applications I have started for three brands. My goal is to develop steemit and the SteemFoods Community by promoting it on social media with a high number of users and interaction, such as twitter, our website and youtube, apart from the steem blockchain.

🆕 : For the promotion of SteemFoods Community, I collaborated with Met's Kitchen channel, which is a food and cooking video producer on youtube and has 13.7+ subscribers. You can see the introduction of the SteemFoods Community and steemit in the videos below. The promotional video is on the Met's Kitchen youtube channel in both English and Filipino. You can click the link below to view the video.

SteemFoods Community Promotion Now on Met's Kitchen's (13.6K+) Youtube Channel! ▶️ #steemfoods-youtube

chocolates-nestle liked.png



Future Promotions

I think youtube is one of the most effective social media tools for promoting the SteemFoods Community and steemit. Currently, steemit has very few promotional videos on youtube. One of our main promotional goals is to cooperate with the SteemFoods Community with youtubers who are highly engaged and suitable for our content. The youtuber Incogito Money Youtube Channel, which I aim to collaborate with after Met's Kitchen. Incognito Youtube Channel produces content with Earn Oney Money concept on youtube. Since Steemit is an important social media platform that can generate income by producing content, it will contribute to us. You can see the details below. Incognito Youtube Channel has 39.1K+ subscribers.

SteemFoods Community and Steemit's Promotion Coming Soon Incognito Money (39.1K+ Subscribers) Youtube Channel...


Youtube Promotion Videos of SteemFoods Community and Steemit Coming Soon! w- Collaborating with Professional Video Creators


Is it unique?

SteemFoods Community is the first food and cooking community established on the steem blockchain. As of September 20, 2021, 30+ days ago, it was the 1st Anniversary of the SteemFoods Community and I finished my 1st year working in the SteemFoods Community, this is a joy for me and I continue to work every day. You can easily check that the content shared in the SteemFoods Community is proprietary to the steem blockchain. You can see that many of our users have added SteemFoods, steemit and its date in the content prepared. This is one of the most important features that makes the content in the SteemFoods Community special. If you check the contests I organize, you can see steem-exclusive and quality content. Every user pays attention to this issue. This shows that we are special.

Why should people join your community?

Users who are interested in food and cooking from every language and every country can produce content in the SteemFoods Community. We have no language restrictions. We support the award-winning competitions I organize every week, a roadmap for users to improve themselves in steemit, and providing information about both steemit and the SteemFoods Community by communicating one-on-one with our users from our discord and telegram groups. I try to support every user who produces quality + steem exclusive food and cooking content. Every user who is interested in food and cooking can join the SteemFoods Community to earn income and develop on steemit. In addition to these, I also distribute monthly steem + trx rewards, PartnerShip Badges, Verified Account Badges for our delegated users.

Community Team:


Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?

I distribute steem + trx rewards on a monthly basis according to the amount of delegation made to the Steemitfoods account. I distribute liquid 6 STEEM + 6 TRX monthly for every 1000 SP delegation. A total of 81,629.87 delegations have now been made. I distribute 489.774 Steem + 489.774 TRX monthly only for delegation rewards. Besides, I add liquid steem rewards for the competitions I organize every week. In addition, I make Food + Medicine Donation to users who need help on steem blockchain with @sf-charity, the official charity fund account of the SteemFoods Community. In line with the report they shared with our moderators, if they can't get vote support, I help them with liquid SBD support. I'm trying to support as best I can, not just for the community account.

Community Curation Account:

Official curation account of SteemFoods Community: @steemitfoods.

The Current Reaching amount in SteemitFoods Account is 166,593.82 SP ( 166.5K+) and we are continuing to grow.

  • Belonging to SteemitFoods Account: 166,593.82

  • Sp Delegation Amount Made in SteemitFoods Account: 81,629.63

What are your plans to grow the SP of the account?

One of the most effective ways of SP development of communities is to make SP Power Up transactions with the revenues obtained. A more efficient way is to delegate users. As I've said in many posts, many users have less than 1K+ SP in their wallets, so the amount of delegations to community accounts was one of the main factors in the community's inability to provide self-sufficient vote support.

I think that with the start of the #club5050 project, many users will increase the SP in their wallets. In this way, I think our curation account's vote value will increase with the delegation of the increased SPs in the users' wallets to the community accounts. I will work on events and information to increase delegations. With SP Progress Reports for users, I think users will be motivated to improve their SP.

What is the current Voting CSI score for the account (from

Below, I am sharing with you the screenshot of the voting CSI of the steemitfoods account from the website. In addition, you can see the information about the current weekly curation of the steemitfoods account in detail by clicking the link below.


Plagiarism & Abuse

  • What measures do you take to check for plagiarism and other forms of abuse (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts)?
You can see in the SteemFoods Community that I have started and many communities are using the Verification System that I have started. I started the Verification System to see the real users in the SteemFoods Community and to prevent the use of multiple accounts. More than 30+ weeks, I've been checking comments on the Verification System and distributing verified account badges next to the accounts of users who have completed Achievement 1 on NewComer's Community + SteemFoods on a piece of paper + write the date and steemit username. You can see the 27-28th week report of our Verification System by clicking the link below. The SteemFoods Community has rules and these rules protect the safety, quality and copyright-free content of the content in the Community. Users who do not follow these rules will be muted in the SteemFoods Community .

SteemFoods User Verification System Continues ! | 14-Day Report ( Weeks 27-28 ) 1542+ Verified Accounts |


  • Do you have designated people in your team for plagiarism checking?
Our users in the SteemFoods Community can only produce content with their own photos. It is forbidden to produce content with copyrighted photos. Content produced with copyrighted photos is muted. When a user uses copyrighted photos on the SteemFoods Community more than three times, they are muted. Since users add a selfie photo of the dishes or ingredients they prepare, I can easily select that the photos belong to them.

What Are The Rules Of The SteemFoods Community?

Engagement & Commenting

We are trying to support the content in the SteemFoods Community with our country and region moderators. I check the content in the competitions I organize and make a comment on the content prepared in accordance with the rules of the competition, confirming its participation in the competition. If I cannot approve his participation, I share the reason in the comment section and share it with our users. In addition to steemit, we also communicate with our users via telegram in the discord group of the SteemFoods Community. SteemFoods Community has Discord and Telegram moderators. Our Discord and Telegram moderator @marlyncabrera helps our users on our social media channels outside of steemit. With the steemitfoods account, which is the official curation account of the SteemFoods Community, I make a comment that our user receives vote support by commenting under every post I vote for. You can review the "Comments" section of the Steemitfoods account. I inform our users by commenting on the comments section of the posts selected among the Best SteemFoods Posts of the day from my personal account. I am also actively trying to use the official twitter account of the SteemFoods Community and you can see the number of likes, comments and retweets in our tweets on our twitter username @steemitfoods, so I try to keep our interaction at the highest level. Below you can see all the information about the social media channels of the SteemFoods Community in detail.

SteemFoods Community Social Media Accounts Report & Join Our Telegram - Discord Channels! 📈


  • Do you have a roadmap or long term plan for the community?
My long-term goal in the SteemFoods Community, as I said in our previous application, is to support the steemit curation team and users, even if it is small, by getting the chance to give enough vote support to the content by reaching 10$+ voting power with our curation account steemitfoods. We have a long way to go for today's steem price, we need to reach 351K SP, but I want you to believe that I can achieve this by working. With the SteemFoods Community, I want to show that apart from the blogs on youtube and the internet, people can earn income with steemit on food and cooking content, and that there is a different world on the steem blockchain, and the future of this world will be one of the social media tools. You can see this in the studies and developments I mentioned above.

We Reached 165K SP 🎉 💪 ! Our Goal is to Reach 200K SP and $10 Vote Power 🎯| +2645 SP Power Up


Promotion Plans & Updates &Anything Else

Above, I gave you detailed information about our promotions, our plans and updates for the club5050 tagged project. Developments and updates will continue. We are currently in the starting phase of the club5050 tagged project, I'm sure many users will pay attention to their wallet activities in order to use this tag after a while. As the SteemFoods Community, you can be sure that we will contribute to the development of this project. You can see other information you want to learn by reviewing the previous application announcements of the SteemFoods Community.

SteemFoods Community: The Communities of the Month Support Program Application - October

SteemFoods Community: The Communities of the Month Support Program Application - September


Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 3 years ago 

@steemitfood is One of the best community in this platform it supported all its members. I pray steemitblog will give this community appropriate support.

 3 years ago 

This is a well detailed application and from the compilation, steemfoods community deserve to be given 01 support. We need the support to enable us complete the projects at hand.

 3 years ago 

The community must deserve to given the month support from @curator01 support for month of November.
Wish you Good luck for this program 👍

 3 years ago 

We wish the best for our beloved community. Grow stronger. And goodluck🤗😇

 3 years ago 

Apoyemos todos la solicitud de apoyo para esta excelente 🙏 Comunidad

I like that this is well detailed.

 3 years ago 

Sir hats off to you. Your are doing great efforts for community and #steemfoods really deserve to get support from sc01 for the month of November

This is great !

We wish steemfoods the best....

 3 years ago 

Some application ⭐

This community deserves all the support it can get. Both the management and the team work very hard to keep it running successfully and happily. The subscribers are also committed to this community because they know that we work with honesty, the management is transparent about the administration of everything that happens here. We are also promoting the #club5050 hashtag and Steem with everything we can. We promote trust in Steem and that takes a lot of SP and goodwill.

Way to go, #SteemFoods, @steemitfoods, @alikic07! 👩🏻‍🍳 ❤️
#sf-charity #Club5050 😃❤️💯

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