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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will announce the results of the contest I organized in SteemFoods Community with the #steemfoods-kitchenware tag. With this contest, we saw in detail the prices of kitchenware, kitchenware products and kitchenware stores of our participants from different countries in the SteemFoods Community. There were great posts prepared for the contest, I thank all our participants. Now I will announce the "Top 5 Posts" of the contest + the Surprise Winner.

The Steemit Awards 2020 Event Results:

Steemit Team started an event to select and reward the Best of 2020. SteemFoods Community and I @alikoc07 as the founder were nominated in two categories and the SteemFoods Community was chosen as the 1st Winner in the Best Community category with your nomination posts and your comments. I was chosen the 2nd winner of the Best Contributor to the Community category.

Top 5 Posts of the Contest:


My Favorite Kitchenware Shop Is Deko!


SteemFoods Contest - 13 | My Favorite Kitchenware Shop: T.R.A.K.I |


My Favorite Kitchenware Shop ~ Mr DIY ‘Always Low Prices’


SteemFoods Contest - 13 | My Favorite Kitchenware Shop: Guuao


SteemFoods Contest -13-| Promote Your Favorite KitchenWare Shop ! | Mi tienda en Cumaná--Venezuela es TRAKI

Surprise Winner: @notannov (Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04)


SteemFoods Contest -13-| Promote Your Favorite KitchenWare Shop ! | Biggest Awards Ever!

Participants in the Competition:

A total of 87 participants produced content for this competition. This is a new record for the SteemFoods Community. Among the competitions I have organized so far, this competition has been the competition with the highest number of participants and content. We have started 2021 well, I hope we will soon see more than 100+ participants creating content for a competition.

@lucianahurtado - @soulwind - @quintinbarber - @karianaporras - @boss75 - @daysiselena - @eh-shohag - @laloretoyya - @svm038 - @rosauradels - @gorayii - @sabrip - @caleiny - @eumelysm - @shohana1 - @monz122 - @pelon53 - @yurilaya - @josecarrerag - @mariarodriguez - @carla.spain - @ns-porosh - @antorv - @beautiful12 - @chimezunem001 - @belkisa758 - @betsyb22 - @hectorgallardo - @psicgenesisprato - @francoj - @raquelsiso1 - @mireyalongart - @mcarol19 - @josephdaniela - @notannov - @wilmer1988 - @adonisr - @sanjeev.kumar - @gabrielagg - @alexanderodulfo - @elider11 - @wendyth16 - @roquiro - @elianisa09 - @dianag28 - @samynathy - @alan2020 - @tormenta - @theresa16 - @emiliomoron - @hanif3206 - @petrarodriguez - @ashik333 - @enilekcays - @oneidaa - @mamamasha - @vishwara - @azizulhassan - @jehoshua-shey - @knopka145 - @chiomy - @malave23 - @cholalo - @ricardopercusion - @mariluna - @nela2002 - @carolinacardoza - @besticofinder - @ninoska45 - @ainie.kashif - @ngoenyi - @armstrongdiho - @hasini - @elide - @okoyeamaka11 - @alegnita - @alicargofer - @anasuleidy - @sughey - @edgarlygonzalez - @naka05 - @edgargonzalez - @nathyortiz - @nieuscarin - @hildelena - @graceleon

  • Number of Participants: 87+

  • If you follow the rules of the contest but do not have your name in the participant list, mention it in the comments section.

Award Distribution and Vote Support

In total, we gave more than $ 1100 votes to the posts prepared for this competition. I check all the posts prepared for the contest and we try to vote for all quality content. We tried to support your posts with -steemcurator01, -steemcurator06 and @booming accounts. I would like to remind you that the content of all our participants and all participants is valuable to us. We are trying to support the vote as much as we can. If you didn't get voting support, don't give up, try to produce content and improve the quality of your content.

  • As an extras, we don't have guaranteed voting support for any submissions. Try to produce only steem-exclusive and quality content.

  • You can learn how to create content in the SteemFoods Community by reviewing the posts below.

STEEMFOODS COMMUNITY - A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS / How Can I Create Quality Content? and Voting Support

What Content Can I Post in the SteemFoods Community? - What are SteemFoods Posting Rules?


What's Next ?

I will announce the new contest tomorrow.

  • Tip on the Subject of the New Contest: It could be about the Ice Cream or the Delegation Challenge.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Nice one! I will try to participate next time! The Steem Foods community is going really well, and I love learning from so many diverse approaches to cooking and baking ..as an Italian, I get inspired by all you to share my dishes and challenge myself !

 3 years ago 

Congratulations to the winners, and excellent participation, it was a very interesting contest. And my congratulations to SteemFoods for winning the prize for the best community as well as to my friend @alikoc07 for his second place as best contributor in steemit, may the successes continue!

 3 years ago (edited)

Thank you so much @steemitfoods for the kind selection as a winner. Always an honor to be selected as the winner of your contest. My sincerest thanks also to @steemcurator01 for the kind support. Congrats to the winners @antorv, @psicgenesisprato, @ricardopercusion, @nathyortiz and @notannov. Let's continue to support this awesome community. Wishing you all a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie

Muchas gracias, igualmente para usted. Sigamos construyendo con amor esta comunidad


The #SteemFoods team is amazing! and we are witnesses of that :) A pleasure!

Thank you, @ainie.kashif, and I congratulate you as well!🥳

С перемогой, книжкова фея!💓👍

Дякую, і нехай наступного разу переможеш ти 🥰

Та мне главное участие)

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so happy I won in this amaizing challenge! I am ready to participate in the next one! Congrats to all😍

I like ice cream😂

 3 years ago 

Friend @ alikoc07, how great the number of contestants, in this contest definitely who does not like cooking? Hahaha since I met you and got to know the community, I saw the talent in you, you really dedicate yourself to your work and you have had the support you have wanted.

Congratulations again to @steemfoods for being the winner of the best community, never doubt that, and well I also congratulate you for being one of the best contributors to steemit.

May you continue to reap successes God and bless from #Venezuela rain of blessings! Cheers

Thank you so much for this super interesting competition! Glad that you liked my post 😇 Kitchen ware is what we use every day, so it should be nice — to give us positive emotions. I wish endless positiveness to all of you, guys!

 3 years ago (edited)

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores,no pude participar esta vez,pero esperare el próximo concurso,seguimos adelante hermosa comunidad.
Congratulations to the winners, Congratulations dear SteemitFood community.
#onepercent #venezuela

 3 years ago 

Felicidades anlos ganadores, realmente veo que ah incrementado el número de participantes, eso es realmente bueno me alegro mucho amigo, te deseo mucho éxito, aprovecho para felicitar a la comunidad por haber sido la ganadora al premio como mejor comunidad, y de igual manera te felicito @alikoc07 por tambien haber ganado el tercer lugar como mejor colaborador a steemit saludos bendiciones.

#SteemFoods es mi comunidad favorita, me sorprendió mucho que fuera de utensilios y no de comida como hemos venido cada semana, pero me encantó demasiado! lo disfrute mucho honestamente, ya con ansías esperando al viernes de la próxima semana!!! @alikoc07 gracias totales!!!! me encanta este espacio.

Felicidades a todos los ganadores

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