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RE: See The Additional Steem Witnesses I Have Voted On! (Kindly Support The 'surpassinggoogle’ Steem Witness)

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This is a very informative post. Thanks for this post. This post helps us to understand about the witnesses. There are a lot of witnesses I don't know about them. I know a few of the witnesses like @steemhunt, @dlike, @steemchiller,@actifit, @chronocrypto, @dtube. I lus to work on @steemhunt and @dlike and still working on dlike platform.

I Voted for you wish you the best of luck.
surpassinggoogle witness vote.PNG

Steem platform really need some people who are serious about this platform and witnesses are considered as the Guardians of the steem blockchain so we need some real witnesses, not some dummy witnesses who don't do anything for this blockchain. Also, we have to find some way to support the projects the old witnesses leftover and we should be thankful to the old witnesses who developed a lot of tools to support the steem blockchain.

Long Live Steem


Thank you for the vote. And it is a long road even from blockchain at large but it is possible to get there. Thank you again and stay awesome.

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