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I call myself a jack-of-several-trades because I have my fingers in different pies...lol. I run a small HR consulting business with a focus on recruitment for SMEs, I run a small perfume oil business, I'm a part-time lecturer with Ajayi Crowther University, and I am a freelance writer & editor. All that notwithstanding, l am just a regular woman who loves to read novels, watch movies, and make friends. I found the blockchain quite by accident early in 2018 and it's been an amazing roller-coaster since then. I had just lost a major job and needed to find a new sense of purpose career-wise. I had been working 8 to 5 jobs for 10 years; 3 years as a sales-person with an insurance company and 7 years as a customer service executive with a Telecoms company. Both jobs were freakishly demanding and time-consuming.

Discovering the blockchain brought me an unparalleled sense of freedom. My ensuing experiences on the blockchain have made me confident to say that there is a space or niche for any and everyone who is interested! I discovered my love for writing via blockchain social media platforms. It was amazing to write stories that captivated my audience and elicited amazing feedback. I had no special education about writing, but I learned quite a lot from other professional writers and by browsing the internet for the dos and don'ts of writing. I gradually learned to monetize the skill offline and I began to ghostwrite, to help people put together their articles or project reports, edit and proofread books, and so on.

I also learned the value of networking especially from social media platforms where what you earn is almost commensurate to who you know and who knows you. Some people would disagree with me about this but that's an entirely different discussion. I have made some amazing friends who have recommended me to people I would never have met, who have given me jobs and opportunities I couldn't possibly have gotten on my own. All in all, I have had some really good times and I believe anybody can survive on the blockchain whether techy, geeky, or not. I believe all you've have got to do is find what you enjoy doing, do it with passion and commitment and other good things would gravitate towards you.

Wash your hands & please stay safe. Cheers!



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