Professor by NHH in Bergen!

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There is a city there in the Western part of Southern-Norway!
They are best ever since in Norway on Economics and Administration,
NHH has fostered great persons like professor Jan Mossin, professor Johan Arndt and professor Torger Reve,
They have put the publication limit to the best publication edge even further,
And learning, philosophy, psycholoy and sociology are things we are thinking about to all times.

Maybe, I should be a professor one time?!
There is a lovely and great environment for science by NHH in Bergen,
We can be in the best places,
And our works should be amazing and marvelous!

NHH is the school you apply for, if you are one of the best student in Norway!
You go through fire and water and have quality over the tooth of time!
The best we can do in the studies in Bergen, is to remember and act in accordance with theories and methods,
And we should do the fundamental work ourselves, to be a research scholar,
And everything one needs is inside your head and in your body!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody!

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