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It came to my attention today that a pretty legit steem user had tagged a LEGO Community post however it had not appeared in the Community feed. Thanks @pennsif for bringing this to my attention.


So, I went over to have a look and noticed that the tag had not been used as the first tag on the post. And, unless I'm completely mistaken, therein lies the issue.

Community-oriented posts have to have the hive tag as the first in the list of post tags for it to appear in the Community I believe.

Anyway, I commented in that persons post so hope she does it next time as the LEGO Community really values new posts!

But who was it?

Her user name is @sarakey and the post was about legit little Lego man called Mike, the brave astronaut. It's a cool little concept she has going in which the little Lego dude tells us all sorts of cool stuff about astronauts. Bob the repairman also featured in another post.

I think it's a really great concept and I hope it continues. Nice work @sarakey!

You should take a look at the Mike the brave astronaut post by following that link back a few words and make sure you throw @sarakey a little follow, comment and vote love because she's legit.

So, unless I'm mistaken the Community hive tag needs to be the first tag used on the post or it won't appear in the community. Also, someone may be able to answer me this question; Can one post in multiple Communities on the one post? Say, #hive-174578 and #hive-142010 for the same post? Please comment if you know the answer.

Anyway, I hope @sarakey sees this post and tags the LEGO Community for her next post. People can also join by clicking the link and hitting the subscribe button.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys take the time to go check out the user I mentioned in this post.

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Image shows some of the engine and gearbox assembly for my recently built Lego Landrover Defender.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you for helping me and other steemit users :D

A big thank you!

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You're welcome. Keep up the great work rockstar! I followed so I'll get to see you around some more. 😃

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Love the LEGO community! We had a small adventure of the LEGO man when we vacationed in Florida, he almost got lost in the sand castle!

I was going to share some fun LEGO builds I’ve been doing with our toddler, glad it can go to a community now!

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Ah cool! Share away! Make sure you use the hive tag as your first though. :)

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Hey @galenkp thanks for the advice regarding the tag placement! I have one question though! If we upload a video to d.tube and use a community (hive) tag, will our post be posted in the community page ? Cause once you upload on Dtube the first tag is automated and it's dtube's

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That's a good question and one In don't know the answer to I'm afraid. Communities are new and the bugs are still being worked out. Hmm, I wonder who I can ask...Maybe @tarazkp knows the answer to this one?


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AFAIK (and I am a leading authority and one in 10 dentists recommend me :D ), I think if you add a tribe tag in the first position when posting, the "added interface tag" will replace its position, but it will still be visible on the tribe. I think.

Best way is to test it though :)

You are the trailblazer, working out all the kinks for the rest of us.

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The lab rat you mean? 😂

Yeah a self inflicted one. 😇

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Helping each other on Steemit is what I value too.

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Hey @angiemitchell, I'm glad you took the time to stop by and comment too..It's greatly appreciated. This is a community and as such I figure that adding to it positively is better than not. Sometimes we give, and sometimes we take and finding a balance between both is important for me.

I'm pleased to help others, even if that help is only small and seemingly insignificant. I remember when I was a very small account and how amazing it felt to be noticed by someone with a 5,000SP+ account...I think it's the least I can do to now, just like many others are also doing.


Yep it has to be first. You don’t even have to use one of the hive enabled front ends (all two of them that I’m aware of), though that can be easier than trying to remember the stupid tag 😆

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Ah yeah, I thought so. Hopefully she reads the post.


Thanks for the clarification on this.

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Hoping to draw some attention to @sarakey's post too.

That will be good. She seems to have been posting for a long time without getting much traction.

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She'll get some now. Followed.

😀 - that's great.

Yes, it needs to be the first tag like you said or possibly one of the first three or four tags it seems based off my experience. But better safe and sorry and just make it the first tag. I know this as I use the #informationwar tag as the first tag and sometimes as the second, third, etc. But it appears that my one post didn't show up in the trail if I had the tag like at the end. So, I don't how many of the initial tags will show up but maybe a few. Oh, I love LEGO.

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Thanks for responding. Yep, I agree, Lego is really cool huh?

Howdy sir galenkp! Great job on the clarification. I've seen people list multiple communities in the same post but I don't know if that works officially but I think it does.

Great reminder, I know I didn't quite "get it" when I came back after my hiatus.

With the sudden ascending SBD trajectory we can expect an influx of posters- perfect timing for this post ;)

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Thanks Kit. Yeah, I think you're right, we'll see a flood of people coming back due to price. It's a good thing and why I've worked so hard in the last 950+ days to build what I hope is a good brand here. My hope is that my hard work puts me in a position to assist some of those new accounts and help them build their own brand.

Fret not my friend, you've done very well by creating a reliable and valuable brand on Steemit.

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Merci beaucoup. :)