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RE: Sims 3 Challenge : The Harry Potter Legacy Challenge 1.2 || By @sarahraudhah

in Steem Gaming2 months ago

Ah man that really sucks. Yeah she wants to play online. I tried moving the game over from origin, it doesn't work.


I think it didn't work the other way around. We can move from Steam to Origin but not from Origin to Steam. I read it somewhere while trying to revive my game before.

It honestly is so stupid. Origin really sucks...

Sometimes Origin offers better deals. But I mostly use Steam as I rarely play EA Games so I don't really know much about the offer. I just wait patiently for my wishlist games to go on discount. lol

If it is not 75% Off I don't get the game. Steams prices are crazy and stores here use to sell pc games and if the game was released more than a year ago the game would be much cheaper.

Yes, the price is still crazy. It's been years!!!!!!
I wonder how TS5 will fare later.

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