Contest!! 10 : Can fear of lose makes your relationships more closed and trustable?

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Hi, Greetings to All Steemians!!!!


Warmly Welcome in our Community Steem Kids & Parents and Heartily happy to get your active Participation

Hello, Dear to all of the fellows of the Steem Kids & Parents. I hope that everyone is doing well and having a good time with their families.Serving as a Moderator on the @steemkidss platform for @uzma4882. This is the an other contest I've organized for you to strengthen your family bonding relationships.

Theme of the Contest

Hi, My loveliest Steemians!!! I've come to organize a 8th family-bonding competition. it is intended specifically for your lives.Certainly! The theme for your contest could be Contest!! 10 : Can fear of lose makes your relationships more closed and trustable? Being afraid of losing something can often make people hold on closely to what they have out of fear of losing it, which can make relationships seem more closed off and untrustworthy. Yet, insecurity and possessiveness can also result from this dread, and over time, these traits can weaken intimacy and trust. Your own perspective and personal life experience warmly welcomed to share with us.

Mandatory Rules

💞 The Post Title should be on Can fear of lose makes your relationships more closed and trustable? ? by @username

💞 The minimum word count for a post is 300

💞 Your post must be plagiarism free and share your own original or free images 1-3 pictures

💞 The tags must use in your post #fb-c10 #steemexclusive and #club5050 #club75 club100 and country like #pakistan and related tags

💞 Must invite 3 friends to take part in this contest and mention my user name @uzma4882 for easy accessibility of your participation

💞 Remember to always share your post on Twitter. This POST LINK is a guide to that effect.


💞Contest Rewards🏆

Contest Prize will be rewarded for 5 Steem Power and Booming Vote among the winner's on the basis of number of participants, quality participation and well organized and well presented form of entries.

Besides of that I will choose entries of engagement users on engaging each other's posts , More participations and active.

Contest Deadline is until this contest post payout

✨Thanks and All the Best✨



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What a nice engagement challenge, I will be participating soon 😊.

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This is a very interesting topic of I will love to participate,my entry is coming in soon

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