Computer lesson 2 – Types Of Computer

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Hello Kids,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all again to our second lesson in Computer Class.
Before we start our lesson for today, I want to take this time to Commend those of you that Submitted your homework for last week I am sure you have already received your rewards, you all did a great job.

3 Tron has been sent to each of the three Students who did their homework.

So, in our last class, I introduced you to the Computer System, where it can be used, and the various parts that made up a Computer. And I was glad to see even more places where you can See Computers In your Environment.

Today we are going to look at the Different Types of Computers that we have. Can you think of one? I guess you are mentioning them there, that’s right.

Now, let’s have a look at it together

Types of Computer

Remember, I mentioned that we have different types of Computers. And these computers Come in different Many Shapes and sizes, your Smart Phone is inclusive, remember?

So, let’s start with the first one;

Desktop Computer:

This Computer is called a desktop because it is always placed on a desk. It is also big in its Size. They are widely used both in Schools, Offices, Hospitals, etc. A desktop Computer Is made up of an External Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and a base Unite (CPU) which is the main part of a Computer.

A laptop Computer:

A laptop computer as the name implies is small and can be placed on a lap. Most of them are sleek. Have you seen one before?

It Contains all the external features of a desktop Computer. It can be carried around where ever we want to go, it can be folded easily. The main aim why developers developed a laptop was for easy movement and mobility.

As time goes on, the developers also keep reducing the parts to a smaller size so that, they can produce smaller Computers, like the phone we are Using, Our tablets, iPad, etc.

The tablet Computers:

This is much smaller than a Laptop but performs the same function as that of a laptop.
It doesn’t have a physical keyboard, but it has a soft-touch keyboard. And it can be operated by tapping on the Screen to perform functions.

Most of them Come with a stylus that serves as a writing tool on the Screen.
What Can we use it for?

We can use it to watch Movies, play Video games, read Some PDF Files, and play music, can you think of other things we can use it for?

For now, we are going to stop here and in our Next class, we would talk about Some Input Devices.
I hope you have learned today.


Mentioned 5 things you have learned In today's Class.

Instruction: Do that in the Comment Section.

Let's Have a Role Call:

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See you all next Friday!

About Me

 2 years ago 

Hola profesor, muy interesante la clase con respecto a los tipos de computadoras.

La tarea consiste en mencionar 5 cosas aprendidas con la lección.

  1. Las computadoras tienen diferentes aspectos, no solo son aquellas que están conformadas por los elementos básicos como el teclado, ratón, CPU.

  2. Las computadoras de escritorio son las únicas que tienen sus componentes por separado.

  3. Una computadora portátil puede cumplir la misma función que una de escritorio. Una tableta puede cumplir la misma función que una portátil.

  4. Las computadoras mencionadas en la lección cumplen todas una misma función solo que tienen diferentes aspectos.

  5. He utilizado computadora de escritorio, portátil y tableta. De todas la que más me gusta es la tableta, es más cómoda por lo pequeño en comparación a las otras dos y por tener la pantalla táctil. Son perfectas para los juegos y la lectura, también para estudiar.

 2 years ago 

Hello @leyxi209, thank you very much for doing your homework, your nice points and adhering to instructions are really appreciated.

Are you ready for tomorrow's class?

 2 years ago 

Thanks to you teacher! And I'm super ready for the next class!

 2 years ago 

Here's is my entry.

I have learnt a lot of things from this lesson teacher @ubongudofot and below are some of them.

  • I learnt about desktop computer and why it is called a desktop computer.
    It is called a desktop computer because it is placed on a desk.

  • I also learn that the desktop computer is made up of several components; the monitor, the mouse, the CPU and other components.

  • I also learnt about a laptop computer and why it is called a laptop computer.
    It is called a laptop computer because it is usually placed on the lap.

  • I made some research and found out that a laptop computer is also made up of some other components like a mouse, but an inbuilt mouse.

  • I also learnt about the tablets computer, and it's much smaller than a laptop and it also performs the same work as a laptop.

The tablet computer Is more like a screentouch .

I am happy to submit my entry

 2 years ago 

Noted.I'm glad you followed up the class and also did your task, thank you very much.

 2 years ago (edited)

This is the link of my computer home work of lesson number 2

 2 years ago 

Great 2nd lesson!
Made me think back to my days when I didn’t even knew where to put a computer on 😊

 2 years ago (edited)

Thats funny, i guess we all had such experience 😄😄

Thank you for another great lesson. I hope I find time to participate. Your explanations are very simple and the lesson is very easy to follow

 2 years ago 

You are welcome. Looking forward to your participation.

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 2 years ago 

This is yet another powerful lesson from you @ubongudofot. Like the simplicity. The kids will surely find this helpful

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much. I didnt want to give a bored lecture, but i choose the simplicity part, because i want the kids to follow up.

Thank you very much.

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