@ngoenyi Contest On Steemgrowth Week #2: Weekly Power Up Contest/7 Days Activity Review

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Hello everyone, greetings to you all and welcome to week 2 of this steemgrowth contest. Last week was great and I received 8 entries from the following users


The week 1 entry has ended with these 8 entries. They are the ones that dropped their entry links at the comment section of that contest post. Soon, I will get the winners soon and send their rewards to them.

Week #2 Begins

Welcome to another week. This contest it as fresh as freshly baked bread. We are still interested in steem growth and we are doing our best to be active and to powerup our earnings.

#spud4steem is just 5 days away from today and @kiwiscanfly will keep giving out updates until that day. If you want to powerup to join that promotion come 1st June, then you are free to take part.

Most power up to maintain their club status while most do so out of fun and to build their steempowers which in turn contributes to steem growth. Whatever the motive for powering up is, all powerups are powerups and I love powerups.

Some people powerup to join club dolphin and some powerup to take part in spud4steem when the time arrives. So long as it is powerup, you can take part.

Additionally, we have become too active in steemit due to the ongoing community engagement challenge. We have actively been publishing contents and replaying to other people's publications as well as upvoting them. These are part of your activities for the week which I will like you to review.

Contest Hints

  • Your power up amount for the week, including the screenshot of your powerup. Powerup to join spud4steem promotion if you ha e been saving up for it. Read this post to learn more about it. Make the post in steemkids community when you power up, it is part of this contest.

  • What is spud4steem promotion? How often is it done?

  • What is your motive for powering up and what do you stand to gain when you power up.

  • What's your plan to grow your steempower?

  • How active were you last 7 days. The total number of posts you made, upload the screenshots of at least 5 quality comments you made in the last 7 days, the 5 different users you commented on their posts and the 5 different communities you made the comments on.

  • Your biggest challenge you encountered last week and your memorable experience for the period. What did you learn?

Contest Rules

  • Review only your own activities. Be original and truthful because I will check it myself. Any attempt to exaggerate will disqualify your entry. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Add screenshots where necessary. Powerup screenshot should not be large, show only the powerup history in your wallet. Example

Screenshot_20220526-130726.jpgthat's my screenshot from my wallet of the power up I made this week. You can get yours from your steemworld or any other tool

  • Words must not be less than 300

  • Upvote this post, resteem it to get to more users, subscribe to steemkids community, follow @ngoenyi

  • Post your entry in steemkids community

  • You must be in at least club5050 and use the right club tag that you belong. For instance, use #club5050 if you are in club5050, use #club75 if you are in club75 and use #club100 if you are in club100. Check where you belong here or any other one to check, you can also use this: https://scribe.steemcryptic.me/club5050

  • Delegate to @steemkidss if you have free steempower, or increase your delegation to steemkidss (optional)

  • Entry ends in 7 days time from now when this post pays out

  • Anyone can join this contest. One entry per user.

  • Invite at least 3 of your friends to join this contest

  • Drop your post link as a comment under this post

  • Set at least 10% beneficiary to steemkidss. Please, to support burn steem, set 25% to @null and use #burnsteem25 as one of the hashtags in the 1st 4. I have set 25% to @null in this post to support that movement that was initiated by @rosz and endorsed by @steemcurator01.

Use these tags in the first 5 tags: #steemgrowth #burnsteem25 #steemexclusive #contest #yourcountry


REWARD POOL- 15 Steem Prize

15 steem has been mapped out for this contest.
The 15 steem will be distributed to 5 outstanding users. So each winner will get 3 steem each. You may get an upvote from the steemgrowth team if your entry is of quality. You may also win booming support if you are the lucky one and you deserve it

I wish you all best of luck

Cc: @steemcurator01



This is my introductorypost here


 2 years ago 

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 to

Your rewards have been sent to you all.


I am expecting your entries again for the week2

Thank you too ma'am I appreciate
My week 2 entry definitely loading

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

Thank you mom for this reward. I have received mine and I look forward in participating. So expect my entry soon

 2 years ago 

You are welcome 🤗 dear. Am waiting for your next entry. Success

 2 years ago 

Thank so much ma'am ,my week two is definitely caming up soon

 2 years ago 

Incredible! Am waiting for your entry

 2 years ago 

Ok ma'am am gladly working on that

 2 years ago 

Aww 🥰 I really appreciate this reward, thank you momma

 2 years ago 

You are welcome 🤗

Thank you so much

I'm really happy to come out as the winner. Thank you so much big mama😘

 2 years ago 

You are welcome 🤗

Congratulation to the winners, thank you @ngoenyi for the amazing work you've been doing to support everyone 🥰

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 27th May 2022 – Win 700+ STEEM & Booming Support

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

 2 years ago 

Thanks my friend and teammate

A very nice update. I am eagerly waiting to see the results.
Thank you for this detailed information.

 2 years ago 

Alright, the announcement will soon be made. Hope you will make your entry for week 2?

Lovely contest is here again

 2 years ago 

Yea, hope your entry is loading? Looking forward to it

 2 years ago 

Eagerly waiting to see the winners as I prepare my entry for this week02 contest

 2 years ago 

Alright dear, it is loading. Before morning, it will drop. Am waiting for your week 2 entry too. Let's see how it goes

 2 years ago 

I can't wait to see to know the winner as it will be multivation to prepare my self for the week 02contest

 2 years ago 

Alright, soon to be announced

 2 years ago 

We are gladly waiting

 2 years ago 

Hello @ngoenyi, Your post has been selected as one of the quality posts for the day by steemkids community. Congratulations! Please keep making quality and original contents with us here. We love you so much and will like to read more of your posts.

Please endeavour to resteem, vote and comment on the post of selection. Thank you!

 2 years ago 

Thanks for choosing my post. I will quickly drop a comment

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all the winners, I did week I powering up contest but my name is not included in the list ma

 2 years ago 

Oops, perhaps you didn't drop at the comment section. Sorry about that. Next one please try to drop it there. Thanks for the head up

 2 years ago 

Ok ma

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