Mytownin10Pics-Schools Contest Winners

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Hi Friends and Kiddies, welcome to a brand new week, I trust your weekend was fun! Today I want to announce the winners of the Mytownin10Pics-Schools contest as usual it was an interesting contest we got to know different schools and their mottos from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria. I saw motto like "education is light", "wisdom, knowledge & Morality" "Education for All" "Grace for Excellence" "Success through hard work" etc. Indeed school plays an important role in our education and success, we've seen many long-standing schools from 1942, thanks to @rumanaafroz who showed us these spectacular schools with good building blocks and every other user who took part in the contest.

Well, you all have written so well on the topic and as such I've rewarded everyone since only a few joined. You can check out their entries below in case you've missed any:



Winner 1: 🏆: @yakspeace 3SP


Winner 2: 🏆: @rumanaafroz 3SP


Winner 3 🏆 @kidi40 3SP


Winner 4: 🏆 @fantvwiki 2SP


Congratulations to you all your rewards have been sent to your various wallets, you can confirm it.

I hope you all will continue to support contests in this community and others will take part next time, just watch out for this space for a new contest announcement! See you and have a splendid week ahead!


Wow, I'm glad to be among the respectful winners of this contest, best regard to @goodybest.

 3 months ago 

You're welcome and congratulations 👏

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@tipu curate

 3 months ago 

Thank you for the reward ma'am. Congratulation to us.

 3 months ago 

You're welcome and congratulations 🎉

Congratulations, to the winners.

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to all winners 🎉.

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