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I missed steemit engagement challenge so much and am grateful I can once participate.

when I came across this topic I felt happy and sad it was a two ways feeling because my childhood is a period of time I will like to reverse but not withstanding am still in love with my adulthood because I have a requirement from my heavenly to bring up my own children, so if I remain a child I won't fulfill that obligation giving to me from my heavenly father.

I prefer childhood, on the long run in this writing I will explain why but before then let me answer some questions required for this contest.

Who is considered as a child in your country? Include age

I am from the eastern part of Nigeria, and a child happen to be any human from the day of birth to 18yrs is considered a child .
But there are some stages of development in any childs life, we have the babies who can't do anything for themselves, they only cry and drink milk, then we have the toddler who are between the age of 1-2yrs old then we have a child who can assist in the house choirs.

Who is considered as an adult in your country? Include age

An adult is any human from the age of 18 till whenever the person dies.
An adult is anyone who have the right to make life decisions for himself and face the consequences of his or her life decision.
An adult will be responsible for any child kept on his or her care.

Childhood or Adulthood, which do you prefer?

In a simple sentence I prefer childhood.

Give at least 3 reasons why you prefer childhood or adulthood

If there is any way do some back forward I would have loved it Soo much to go back to my childhood.
A time when my father comes home everyday and give me one egg, a time when no body wants to see my tears because I was my parents only child for so many years, I got all the needed care as a special child.
I was not responsible for anyone or anything, I enjoyed so much freedom and love from people around me.

But now as an adult, I am suffering from one big sickness;

1) Responsibility.

I am responsible for so many things, as the first daughter and the bread winner of my family I have to work so hard to put so many things in place both financially and otherwise.

I have myself to sort out, when I was a baby before I cough twice my parents will rush me to the hospital, I remember when I was sick and my parents had to take turns in carrying me because they don't want me to cry, but now no one carries me😭😭😭, I have to carry myself and carry others join.

I so many bills to pay, and is my responsibility I have to pay them so I will need to work hard to pay those bills.

If you have pictures of your childhood and adulthood, we will like to see it.

I don't have any picture of my childhood but I have pictures of now that am a big adult.



There is one Nigerian song that says that adulthood is a scam.
Honestly sometimes it seems like adulthood is a scam because no one will ask you if you need anything instead you are expected to give people.

But the truth still remains that adulthood is a stage of life everyone prays for because it is a blessing from God and a time to gather some experience in life that an adult can use to educate younger ones as they grow to become an adult.
I hereby invite @ruthjoe, @donpearl, @sammylove to join in this contest.


I understand you because sometimes I would like for a moment to return to the past to have moments with my parents, to be a child again to be with them, but as you say we are adults and we are fortunate to see our children grow, play and live with them, a hug.

Almost everyone facing the current problems in the world will prefer to get back to the childhood stage due to the responsibilities associated with adulthood.

Sadly, there's no going back.
Thanks for inviting me to this contest @beautybb

 2 months ago 

Yesooo, am waiting for your lovely entry am sure it will be educative too

 2 months ago (edited)

You are right my friend, adulthood is choked with lots of responsibility and most times it gets us to worried and we end up thinking much. Childhood has zero worries because there are no responsibilities attach to you. Please do well to visit my blog and engage with me too.

 2 months ago 

Yesoo adulthood is filled with responsibilities, sure I will visit your page.

Heli dear, the responsibility of adulthood is sorting scary enough to run for the stage of life, but then when you have to privilege it become a child again, growth is inevitable, a such you will grow again and face the same sickneess😁.

I prefer adulthood, I want a life of freedom and independence.

Thanks for sharing
A comment on y engagement publication will be appreciated
Greetings and blessings

 2 months ago 

Wow you prefer adulthood, well it's a thing of choice, honestly the stress is much.

I have read about four articles of this contest topic, and I have not seen anybody picked adulthood. Indeed, many people love childhood because of the freedom children enjoy. You know there's no much to worry about as a child. You know your parents will provide all you need for you. Thank you for participating and sharing with us.

 2 months ago 

My dear it will very rare to pick adulthood but that doesn't mean adulthood is sooo bad it's just the response and freedom but it's benefits for the future.
Thank you for stopping by


You are welcome back sis, it is so nice to read from you again. Like you said you would prefer childhood to adulthood, it is also the same for me because of the responsibilities, being a first child is not easy, we would think about our expenses, siblings and parent. I pray that God would make this responsibilities easy for us and bless us in abundance. Thank you for sharing.

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear one, been a first child is not always easy, but God is with us

That is the statement "God is with us" the best is coming sis.


Honestly sometimes it seems like adulthood is a scam because no one will ask you if you need anything instead you are expected to give people.

You got me laughing all alone dear. Adulthood comes with responsibilities of you giving to the weak once. Like you said, your dad use to buy egg for you when you were small. Now you are an adult, and you are expected to start buying for him too. That's the rule. I really enjoyed reading through your article. I wish you all the best.

Please visit my post below

 2 months ago 

Honestly now am the one buying more than eggs, because there are lots to do but it's fine.
I just visited your page

Very beautiful childhood memories especially love of your Father with you to fulfil your innocent wishes. Wish to succeed ☺️ in contest too ❣️

 2 months ago 

Very true more is expected from adult, may God help us to meet up

The absence of strong responsibilities, parental care, games and fun are reasons that make you prefer childhood.

We are all forced to grow up, but we will always want to be children again, to enjoy without worries, and live every moment to the fullest.

Successes in the contest.

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It's a pity not to have any picture of your childhood in order to keep better those good memories we could have during those marvelous years friend. Have a good luck with your entry friend.

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 last month 

También quisiera regresar a la infancia, donde no nos preocupabamos por tener la responsabilidad de un hogar, pagar deudas, trabajar arduamente... Ser adulto es algo hermoso pero en muchas ocasiones resulta abrumador.

La niñez es una bella etapa llena de mágia, donde nuestra familia siempre nos da cariño, amor y abrazos.

Eres toda una adulta, y a pesar de los problemas, tienes una gran actitud.


In a simple sentence I prefer childhood.

My dear, who wouldn't 😁? I too prefer childhood over adulthood because of the gifts, love and attention kids get. No worries whatsoever because our parents did the worrying for us.

There is one Nigerian song that says that adulthood is a scam.

The thing is, as a kid we all wished to grow up fast; now we are all grown up and we see the responsibilities that comes with it and we realized that childhood passed on so fast 😂.

Thank you for sharing, best of wishes with this entry

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