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Hello Guys!

Assalam Alaikum, I hope all your friends are doing well and enjoying their lives. Alhamdulillah I am fine too. Before posting my entry here I want to invite some of my friends to participate in this challenge. You can pay your 100 percent here and get some rewards.


My Family My Pride

College with Family And Relative Members

Every person who lives with his family is proud of his family because he is successful in this world. If he had no family, and no parents, he could not have come into this world. So we are proud of our parents, they raised us, guided us on the right path, and provided us with all the facilities. And advised us of everything good and bad.

First of all, I would like to give a short introduction to my family. So that you guys can know which members are there in our family.

We have a small family in which we are five members my father is my mother one is my elder brother one is my younger sister and one is myself.

My father is a government employee who is a CDC supervisor in the Department of Health. There is a hospital in our village and they are doing their duty there and they are doing their job well. And they are well-paid by the government.

My mother is a housewife who does her job well. She has taken care of all our work, anything in the house is done by my mother. They take care of us, feed us, grow us.

My elder brother who dropped out after matriculation but started working now works as a salesman for the Stylo shoes brand. Thanks to those who are well-paid, we can do our work with great ease.

I have a younger sister who is studying. She is currently in her third year and hopes to complete her BS degree next year.

All these members are my family and my pride, my motivation, and my energy. Thanks to them, I am successful in this world, thanks to them, I have completed my graduation today, Alhamdulillah.

We all family members live life with lots of love and affection towards each other. Thanks to this we have a name in our area. Because we have an educated family and everyone comes to us often to read their papers. And likewise, if anyone has any problem with any technology, people come to our house. Many people come to me to get their mobiles fixed. So I am proud of my family that they are famous in their area for helping people. So I am proud of my family.

Me with Uncle Brother and Cousin

It is a peculiarity of our family that whenever a festival comes, all our relatives get together on the occasion of that festival. And enjoy together with each other because celebrating any festival with mutual love and affection has its fun. When you ever celebrate a festival together with your relatives which is popular in your area, your happiness will be endless. Because on this occasion we have a lot of fun, we joke a lot with each other. And eat lots of food which is good for our health and play lots of games.

On The Occasion Of Eid Festival Our Relatives And Family Together Eat Biryani

Every parent is proud of their child and they want to see their child become a successful person in their life. So I am trying my best so that my parents are happy with me and can live my life with that happiness. I am trying my best not to cause any pain to my family but to spread happiness in their life.

Similarly, I am proud of my parents because they have nurtured us from childhood till now and taught us skills to live our lives in this world. Because coming into this world we have to face many difficulties but we have to touch our success keeping these difficulties in mind. For this work, my parents have helped me a lot, they raised me well, fed me well, clothed me well, and provided me with high-quality education. I have attended one of the most expensive schools in my home and I want to thank my parents a lot. I don't have the words to thank him. Because we cannot begrudge them anything.


The world is so big, people are spread so widely. But Allah created me in this family with His grace and mercy. Therefore, I will consider that my family is the best for me because Allah Almighty put me in their arms and they raised me. And made me big enough to do my work. I have done many jobs under the supervision of my parents with great success. When we follow the path told by our parents, we will be successful in any case. If we distance ourselves from our parents, then we will face many difficulties. I thank Allah for giving me such a good family in which I am very happy and enjoying my life.

Gift To Family

AI Creation

My family loves eating out because often when we get bored of eating at home, we go to a nice restaurant for enjoyment. Where we have fun. And in my life, I want to take my family to a restaurant where there is only one restaurant surrounded by greenery. And the birds are chirping as if we are out for an early morning walk. And likewise, let there be a river flowing by or an ocean flowing and its cool air soothing us. And by sitting in this place, I feed my family some good food, I want to give a gift to my family. This is what I am exploring to see where I can find such a scene. Hopefully, I will find it soon and take my parents and family to this nice place for enjoyment. This is what I want to gift to my family so that they are happy with me.

My family is my pride and thanks to them I am alive today and enjoying my life. And alhamdulillah am graduated and looking for a good job. That too I will get with the prayers of my parents. And so I am also doing my work online so I hope you guys like my family and my pride. Thank you all for stopping by.

Regards: @ahsansharif

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Beautiful thoughts and inserted nice markdowns. You are right, family gives the reason to stay alive and fave every problem in life by heading our heads high. Family is name of strength and love which is the backbone of individuals.

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Wow, your family is the most educated within the neighborhood, this alone made me cry. I can only imagine the stress ypur parents went through to see you all through. They must have sacrificed so much for their children. With their act of love and care, they did all they could to make life better for you all. No parent would sacrifice so much for their child and would not want to see them successful after wards. I know you will make your parents and family proud. You all are so united. Taking them to a cool restaurant to eat their favorite dishes wouldn't be bad at all. All the best!

Thanks dear for reviewing and valuable response. I appreciate your comment support. Parents sacrifices many things just for children. No one can beat the parents in the matter of children. May God bless all parents.

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If he had no family, and no parents, he could not have come into this world.

Yes, you are absolutely right my friend 💯. We would haven't been here without our parents. They are very precious for us. They care us for Every thing. They are a gift to us by our God.

Thank you

Thanks brother for catching my point. I appreciate your comment support. Thank you too

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Appreciated 👍

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Our parents are older than us, they know and have experience of life than we do. Have you head of this word before... what an old man sit and see, even if you climb iroko tree, you can't see it. Iroko tree is one of the tallest tree in the world but even if you climb that kind of tree you cannot see what they see. This explain that our parents know more than us and we must listened to them. If there's respect, love , unity, peace and understanding in the family, trust me, this family will live for decades without fight, without quarrel and keeping Malice. Am happy that your parent plan a better future for you by making sure you school in one this the best school your neighborhood. My humble regards to your family.
I wish you the best
Greeting from Nigeria 🇳🇬

Thanks a lot for this great comment support. With your example I totally agree that's the good example of our parents. Greetings too my dear friend from Pakistan. I wish you best of luck too.

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I wish you the best to my dear, sooner or later I will be privileged to read your post again because I find it interesting.

And at the same time, am a little bit scared to asked, can we be friends 🤣

I want to more about you and you're free to ask anything about me, let's start a new family. hahaha

Sure brother we are a good friend like a good family. Don't hesitate to ask anything. My best wishes are always with you.

Hola amigo, me alegra saber que tú familia de 5 miembros se encuentran bien, tú padre como proveedor trabaja en su puesto supervisor en el hospital y por su buena remuneración puede cubrir los gastos de la familia, y tú madre puede encargarse del cuidado de la casa y la familia.
Que bueno que tú hermano mayor también trabaja y es bien remunerado.
Que bien que tú hermana menor está estudiando y que usted ya está graduado.
Se puede persivir que su familia es muy importante para ti y que al reunirse y celebrar juntos es maravilloso.
Te deseo mucho éxito y bendiciones.

Thanks for visiting and giving valuable feedback. Yes my family is perfect and everyone is educated and well paid so we survive easily. Stay blessed

Hello dear everyone have a good family and proud on him. Your love with each other and your family is educated. Gathering with relatives is the way of spreading love. On the occasion of Eid you love biryani with each other I love the most biryani. Best of luck.

Great to know your family enjoy celebrating together during festivities. That's great because that will help in uniting your family, it keeps the family bonds strong.

I wish you and your family more love and unity.

Yes gathering increase love with family also we enjoy a lit that moments and are memorable. Thanks for reaching here.

You're welcome

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