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RE: SEC17 WK:#6: My Family, My Pride!

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Our parents are older than us, they know and have experience of life than we do. Have you head of this word before... what an old man sit and see, even if you climb iroko tree, you can't see it. Iroko tree is one of the tallest tree in the world but even if you climb that kind of tree you cannot see what they see. This explain that our parents know more than us and we must listened to them. If there's respect, love , unity, peace and understanding in the family, trust me, this family will live for decades without fight, without quarrel and keeping Malice. Am happy that your parent plan a better future for you by making sure you school in one this the best school your neighborhood. My humble regards to your family.
I wish you the best
Greeting from Nigeria 🇳🇬


Thanks a lot for this great comment support. With your example I totally agree that's the good example of our parents. Greetings too my dear friend from Pakistan. I wish you best of luck too.

 2 months ago 

I wish you the best to my dear, sooner or later I will be privileged to read your post again because I find it interesting.

And at the same time, am a little bit scared to asked, can we be friends 🤣

I want to more about you and you're free to ask anything about me, let's start a new family. hahaha

Sure brother we are a good friend like a good family. Don't hesitate to ask anything. My best wishes are always with you.

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